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Surface-mount resettable fuses

29 June 2022 Passive Components

Bourns Multifuse has expanded its Model MF-LSMF Series high-power surface-mount polymeric positive temperature coefficient (PPTC) resettable fuses. The new models expand the hold current range to 0,75 A to 6,0 A with maximum voltages of 6 V to 33 V DC.

The latest MF-LSMF model family utilises Bourns’ innovative freeXpansion design to increase the performance of the resettable fuse with higher hold currents (Ihold), higher voltages (Vmax), improved resistance stability and smaller footprints. The primary applications for these products include Li-ion battery packs, low-voltage telecom equipment, motherboards, and portable consumer electronics protection. These fuses have been designed to protect against both overcurrent and overtemperature events within the designated product specifications.

These resettable fuses can be used overcurrent and thermal protection in applications such as:

• Low-voltage telecom equipment.

• Li-ion battery pack charging.

• PC motherboards.

• Game consoles.

• Portable consumer electronics.

For more information contact Electrocomp Julian Osner, +27 11 458 9000, [email protected],


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