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Curiosity Nano development platform

30 May 2022 DSP, Micros & Memory

The Microchip Curiosity Nano (MC Nano) is a development platform dedicated mostly for 8-bit PIC and AVR microcontrollers, but they can also be used to develop applications equipped with some of the 32-bit products from the PIC32 and SAM families which feature ARM Cortex architecture. Regardless of the system, the Curiosity Nano platform is developed to maximally accelerate the design of new applications and hence, shorten the time between prototyping and mass production stages.

The lengths of the development boards comprising this platform vary dependant on the size of the applied MCU. The smallest boards are dedicated to systems with 20 terminals which include 16 I/O pins, whereas the largest boards include an MCU in an enclosure with 48 terminals including 40 I/O pins. All boards, however, share key physical and technical features like the board width, the terminal pitch of 2,54 mm and the presence of a MicroUSB socket used for power supply and communication. The terminals on the boards include both edge connectors and openings and in both cases are metallised through-holes to accommodate pin headers.

To facilitate simple prototyping, each board has a programmable push-button and an LED indicator, each connected to a specific I/O pin on the MCU. Data between the MC Nano and a computer (IDE software, communication terminal) are transmitted via a virtual COM port. Thanks to a programmable voltage regulator used, the power supply range for the MCU can range from 1,8 to 5 V DC.

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