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Qualcomm AI stack: a unified AI software solution

27 July 2022 Computer/Embedded Technology

Qualcomm has bundled all its AI software offerings into a single package called the Qualcomm AI Stack. Qualcomm said that this new software stack would help OEMs and developers deploy AI applications on Qualcomm products much quicker and easier than before. For the first time, a single AI software portfolio works on every Qualcomm platform spanning the wide range of connected intelligent products – including mobile, automotive, XR, compute, IoT and cloud platforms.

The Qualcomm AI Stack supports AI frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, ONNX and runtimes including TensorFlow Lite, TensorFlow Lite Micro and ONNX runtime. It includes inferencing SDKs like its Qualcomm Neural Processing SDK with the recently announced Windows version. The rich variety of operating system support includes Android, Windows and ChromeOS, as well as infrastructure operating systems like Prometheus, Kubernetes and Docker.

With OEMs and developers in mind, Qualcomm AI Stack is designed to help develop, optimise and deploy AI models quickly and efficiently on Qualcomm products with regular updates and new features. As part of the new offering, the Qualcomm AI Engine Direct will now scale across every AI accelerator inside a broad range of products. OEMs and developers will have the ability to develop and optimise AI models using the Qualcomm AI Stack once and then move the same model across different products and tiers.

OEMs and developers now have access to Qualcomm AI Stack to fully unleash its AI power, enabling higher performance by using a singular AI software package. To access further information or to download the resources visit


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