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Non-metallic wall-mounted enclosures

28 September 2022 Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

Elen’s range of non-metallic, wall-mounted enclosures includes five products; with each product available in various sizes, layouts and materials.The Thalassa PLA GRP enclosures are totally enclosed IP65 wall-mounted or floor-standing enclosures. The GRP material is UV stabilised and resistant to most chemical agents and corrosive atmospheres. The enclosures have reversible doors which open to 120°. The maximum permissible load for the Thalassa range is 30 kg/m2.

The Thalassa PLM GRP enclosures are monobloc wall-mounted enclosures built from polyester reinforced with fibreglass. The UV stabilised GRP material is resistant to most chemical agents and corrosive atmospheres. The one-piece body is moulded in a high-temperature high-pressure compression process.

The top and bottom canopies of the Thalassa PLM enclosures allow for reversing of the door opening by inverting the complete enclosure. A version of these enclosures is also available, with a toughened glass window mounted in the door.

The Thalassa PLS GRP enclosures are robust, insulated, modular corrosion-proof designs. The body is made from SMC sheet-mould-compound glass fibre-reinforced polyester. Three types of covers are available in depths of either 45 or 90 mm:

• Transparent polycarbonate cover (PLS) with neoprene gasket.

• Plain GRP cover (PLSP) with continuous polyurethane gasket.

• Plain polycarbonate cover (PLSC) with neoprene gasket.

This PLS enclosure range has good resistance to UV, excellent resistance to most chemicals and a working temperature range of -50 to 150°C.

Thalassa TBS-TBP industrial boxes are available in either ABS for indoor applications or polycarbonate for outdoor or UV-exposed applications. A version of the enclosure with a transparent cover is available. The enclosure has reinforced edges to ensure robustness and support during machining.

The TBS-TBP enclosures are sealed using a continuous polyurethane gasket in a protective channel, and internal integral bosses allow for either fixing of the mounting plate or direct attachment of DIN rails for further equipment mounting.

The Thalassa MUREVA junction boxes are made from halogen-free, self-extinguishing insulating material. Boxes up to 105 x 65 x 55 mm have an ABS base with a polypropylene lid. Larger sizes consist of a polypropylene base and lid construction. These boxes are resistant to common chemicals and atmospheric corrosion.

The MUREVA series can be used as junction boxes for all types of cable and conduit installations, and cables up to 14 mm can be inserted directly without the use of tools.


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