Tuneable laser-diode chip ready to ship

26 October 2022 Opto-Electronics

Mitsubishi Electric Corporation has announced that it will begin shipping samples of its new tuneable laser-diode chip for use in optical transceivers of optical-fibre communication systems on 1 October. The new chip is expected to help increase the capacity of digital coherent communication systems as well as reduce the size of optical transceivers.

Data communication volume is rapidly increasing due to the spread of 5G mobile communication networks and the popularisation of video-streaming services. In response, the capacity of high-speed communication needs to be increased from 100 Gbps at present to 400 Gbps in optical-fibre networks for communication between data centres as well as long-distance communication. Therefore, digital coherent communication systems are now being deployed to improve communication efficiency in optical-fibre networks. At the same time, however, optical transceivers must be further downsized to accommodate space limitations in network equipment, but until now tuneable laser diodes have been built into packages, making downsizing difficult.

The new chip outputs 1,55 μm light wavelength that is used for digital coherent communication. It supports a wide range of wavelengths in compliance with 400 Gbps optical-transceiver standard (OIF-400ZR-01.0). Offering the product in the form of a chip will allow manufacturers the flexibility to optimise package designs for specific optical transceivers. The chip’s highly reliable design incorporates semiconductor production technology that Mitsubishi Electric developed for the production of distributed-feedback laser in mobile base stations and electro-absorption modulator integrated laser diode in datacentres.


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