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A comprehensive, power-efficient network solution

23 November 2022 Computer/Embedded Technology

AAEON has released its newest and most sophisticated addition to the rackmount network application range. The FWS-7541, powered by an Intel Xeon D-1700 processor, offers Xeon-level performance while maintaining an efficient use of power. This low-power, high-performance network management solution hosts a wealth of purpose-built I/O.

Utilising Xeon D-1700 Processors, the FWS-7541 is equipped with server-class computing capabilities of four to ten cores for high-bandwidth, power-efficient network gateway applications such as SD-WAN and uCPE. With Intel QAT technology, the FWS-7541 also accelerates the processing, transmission, encryption, and decryption of data. This data is then protected from threats such as cold-boot, firewall penetration, and malware attacks by CPU-integrated security features including Intel PFR, Intel Boot Guard and Intel TME.

To further the security features of the FWS-7541, it includes a TPM 2.0 slot. The device also includes optional IPMI support, allowing for the remote monitoring and control of hardware, firmware, and software in cross-OS environments, without connecting to the system on-site. Taking advantage of these benefits encrypts network data to protect against unauthorised access, malware attacks and network penetration.

Combining powerful processing with its focused I/O and support for 64 GB of high-speed system memory, the FWS-7541 is perfect for larger network infrastructure management applications as it can send and receive a higher volume of data across wider network architectures. With 12 Intel GbE and four 10 Gb SFP+ ports alongside M.2 E and B-Key slots for 5G and Wi-Fi modules, the FWS-7541 builds reliable intra-organisational structures using multiple high-speed connection sources.


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