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Intelligent hot-swap controller and protection IC

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Infineon’s recently released XDP710 is a wide input voltage hot-swap and system monitoring controller IC that drives either a single MOSFET or multiple parallel N-Channel MOSFETs. In addition to a controlled turn on, the XDP710 provides continuous system health monitoring and communication to the main MCU via the PMBus interface.

There are many benefits to switching over to the XDP710:

• Complete system protection and management.

• Real-time system measurement with accuracy.

• On-the-fly flexibility and programmability.

• Reliable analog core with PMBus power telemetry.

• Digital configuration reduces external components.

• Analog-assisted Digital Mode for support of legacy systems.

• Multiple SOA configuration profiles in NVM reduces design time.

• Input transient and MOSFET SOA protection enables the use of smaller FETs.

• All available in a small package which is easy to integrate into existing designs.

Target applications for the XDP710 include AI, ML and GPU accelerator cards, network routers and switches, intelligent e-fuses, power distribution systems, and 24 to 48 V industrial power systems.


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