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Matter protocol going from strength to strength

28 February 2023 Smart Home Automation Edge Computing & IIoT

The Consumer Electronics Show, that took place in January 2023, highlighted the importance of the new Matter protocol with the smart home being a prominent part of the event. For the first time, attendees could interact with real-world products equipped with Matter.

Version 1.0 of the Matter standard, which was made public by the Connectivity Standards Alliance in 2022, now includes seven device types ready for certification and will be expanded to include more categories within the next year. As a result, companies have moved quickly to develop and introduce products that are either already Matter certified or about to be.

Matter is getting so much attention because it brings to the smart home something that’s been missing since the beginning – hassle-free interoperability. Matter makes it possible for devices from different manufacturers to connect securely and effortlessly from the get-go and work across smart home platforms or ecosystems such as Amazon, Apple, Google and Samsung SmartThings. By making it easier to set up, protect, expand, and maintain a home network, Matter will broaden the appeal of the smart home and will help transition it from a niche market, mostly driven by tech enthusiasts, into the mainstream, where consumers with little to no technical expertise can enjoy the advantages of a secure, connected home environment.

In addition to the Matter-certified devices and controllers that were on display at CES, there were several demos that let attendees experience what Matter can do for the smart home. At the NXP booth, a demonstration of a virtual smart home with Matter as an enabler of secure interoperability across end nodes, routing devices, Matter controllers and Thread border routers was shown. The system demonstrated multiple options for control with third party ecosystems (Google Nest Hub, Apple HomePod Mini), and local voice control.


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