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High-stability oscillator for harsh environments

26 April 2023 Passive Components

Statek corporation has announced the release of the MTXO oscillator series, which is based on cutting-edge technology.

The MTXO oscillator, which houses a quartz crystal resonator in a 3,2 x 2,5 mm ceramic package, is a low-power, high-shock-resistant oscillator with a low sensitivity to acceleration.

Advanced circuitry is integrated to deliver an exceptional frequency stability of ±5 ppm over the full operating temperature range of -55 to 125°C. The oscillators exhibit ultra-low Allan deviation and phase jitter, and an ultra-low period jitter of 1,7 ps rms.

With a low current consumption of 1,5 mA at 40 MHz under no load, the oscillator is suitable for use in a wide range of applications including RF telemetry, as a master clock, communication systems, navigation, and handheld devices and instrumentation.


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