New UHF RFID increases picking efficiency

31 May 2023 Opto-Electronics

Brady’s new LED UHF RFID label and reader solution is optimised to increase picking efficiency and streamline warehouse operations. It is now possible to pinpoint the location of assets with greater accuracy.

Brady’s glossy white polyester RFID LED label comes equipped with an LED function, making it easy to locate either individual assets or a group of items quickly.

With a read range of up to 10 metres, visual location of assets is efficient. Once an item is selected on screen, the green LED illuminates as soon as the worker approaches within 3,5 m of the item.

The LED function is essentially an enhancement to traditional RFID tracking. “With our solution, one can take asset localisation to the next level, reducing picking errors and increasing operational efficiency,” explains Louis-Emile Lammertyn, EMEA senior product manager at Brady.


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