Battle germs with UV-C LEDs

31 May 2023 Opto-Electronics

In many industries, the ability to disinfect surfaces without the use of chemicals is critical.

This is where ultraviolet light sterilisation can provide a safe and effective solution. LITEON provides compact LED solutions for UV-C applications in disinfection, decontamination, sterilisation and sanitisation. This UV-C light, also known as shortwave or germicidal UV light, will kill organisms such as bacteria, yeasts, and fungi in seconds without the need for harmful chemicals.

LITEON’s solutions offer a flexible design for any application that requires UV-C radiation. These LEDs provide excellent humidity protection, with a quartz lens for long lifetime performance. Advanced thermal management provides high quality and reliability. Verified by a third-party, the UV-C solution is certified to kill 99.99% of all bacteria, and with an IP58 rating, these electronic components provide a robust decontamination solution.

The range of UV-C LEDs include low-, medium-, and high-power devices. The high-power LTPL-G06UV275GX LED module is a 6 x 6 mm chip that provides 80 mW of output power with a peak wavelength of 275 nm and a viewing angle of 120°.

Typical applications for these LEDs include horticulture treatment, sensing, and standard UV-C treatment of any surface or enclosure.

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