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27 September 2023 Editor's Choice Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Links Field Networks is a global IoT connectivity solution provider and a market leader in SIM technology. With its new generation of SIM technology, and collaboration with mainstream carriers worldwide, it offers turnkey connectivity solution to global IoT enterprises. With an extensive track record in IoT, and millions of connections globally, Links Field Networks takes pride in its ability to provide the best customised 2G/3G/4G/CATM1/NB-IoT connectivity products to each individual IoT use case.

To further enhance its offering, Links Field South Africa has partnered with Mobiletek Communications, to embed the Links Field Global Roaming SIM solution into its modules at firmware level. Mobiletek, founded in 2009, is a communications partner to Lenovo, ZTE and CBN, amongst others.

In 2016 MobileTek launched its own brand to become one of the leading module suppliers to the automatic meter reading, smart metering vertical fields. The company built on this success and forged its way into the track and trace industry where they were one of the first suppliers of an LTE Cat.1 BIS, low-cost module into the IoT space.

The company has now introduced the L510E-3, a Cat.1 LTE (B1,3,8,20,28) module with 2G (B3,8) fallback. Its miniaturised LCC package, with dimensions of 21,5 x 25 x 2,4 mm, makes it ideal for track and trace applications, where small tracking devices are needed. Key features of the module are its industrial temperature range, ultra-low power, optional GNSS and Wi-Fi scanning.

With IoT driving the move to battery-powered devices, together with the boom in smart metering, Mobiletek is at the forefront of LPWAN technology with the L660. This NB-IoT device is only 17,7 x 15,8 x 2,25 mm in size and features ultra-low power with an input voltage range of 2,2 to 4,5 V. The L660 module supports PSM (1,0 µA @ 3,3 V) and eDRx modes.

The partnership between Links Field and MobileTek introduces another key feature, the Links Field SoftSIM capability. No more cumbersome SIM trays with expensive placement costs is necessary. A simple AT command activating the embedded SoftSIM is all that is required.

For more information contact Links Field Networks, +27 11 791 1033, steve.kelly@linksfield.net, www.linksfield.net

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