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ETA powder-coating process

27 September 2023 Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

Elen Enclosures is highly experienced in the supply and specification of ideal solutions suited to every enclosure application. For the electroplating process, cathodic electroplating has been applied to the painting of enclosures and electrical panels. The system is called E DUP, which is unique to ETA.

The E DUP (double layer protection) treatment includes a first layer of paint using cathode electrophoresis with epoxy resin, and a topcoat of epoxy-polyester thermosetting powder. This is in accordance with the standard ETA electrostatic cycle.

The treatment, which is standard for all of ETA’s painted solutions, uses a high-quality primer to ensure a better product finish and performance. The highly automated and innovative process has made it possible to obtain results of high quality, while reducing the thickness of topcoats and eliminating wastage.

The seven-step coating process is:

1. Degreasing.

2. Phosphating: a surface treatment where a metallic surface reacts with an aqueous phosphate solution.

3. Cold water rinsing.

4. Drying at 140°C.

5. Textured powder coating of between 50 to 70 µm.

6. Polymerisation at 170°C: monomers are combined chemically to produce large chainlike structures called a polymer.

7. Finally controlled cooling.

The final product is an enclosure with a high-quality protective coating.


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