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Ryzen V3000 computer on module

28 March 2024 Computer/Embedded Technology

SolidRun has recently announced the launch of its new Ryzen V3000 CX7 Com module, configurable with the eight-core/16-thread Ryzen Embedded V3C48 processor. Boasting AMD’s state-of-the-art 6 nm ‘Zen3’ architecture, this ultra-powerful embedded solution offers industry-leading performance and power efficiency. As SolidRun’s first x86-based Com Express 7 module, the Ryzen V3000 CX7 Com module ushers in a new era of efficient, high-performance computing for a diverse range of networking and edge applications.

“Our new Ryzen V3000 CX7 Com module is an exciting addition to our CX7 product line, as it represents a significant leap forward in embedded computing, and offers unmatched performance and scalability for networking and edge applications,” said Dr Atai Ziv, CEO at SolidRun. “By leveraging the power of AMD’s Ryzen Embedded V3000 processor, we are empowering developers to create innovative solutions that meet the evolving demands of modern embedded computing.”

Based on the AMD Ryzen Embedded V3000 processor, SolidRun’s Ryzen V3000 CX7 Com module brings unparalleled processing power, thermal efficiency, and high-speed I/O connectivity to the COM Express Type 7 form factor. This innovative embedded module delivers exceptional CPU performance, scalability, and reliability, making it ideal for a wide range of storage, networking, and edge systems.

In addition to its powerful processing capabilities, the Ryzen V3000 CX7 Com module from SolidRun boasts a comprehensive suite of integrated I/O interfaces. With support for up to 20 lanes of PCIe Gen4, developers can leverage high-speed data transfer for networking, storage, and acceleration purposes. The inclusion of dual 10 Gb Ethernet MAC provides best-in-class connectivity for networking applications, ensuring reliable and high-bandwidth data transmission. Furthermore, the module supports up to 96 GB of dual-channel 64-bit DDR5 memory (ECC/non-ECC), enabling efficient memory utilisation and enhanced data integrity. These integrated features make the Ryzen V3000 CX7 Com module well-suited to demanding networking, edge computing, and storage applications, where high performance, reliability, and scalability are paramount.


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