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High-speed AWG generates up to 20 sine waves

30 April 2024 Test & Measurement

Spectrum Instrumentation has released a new firmware option for its range of versatile 16-bit Arbitrary Waveform Generators (AWGs), with sampling rates up to 1,25 GS/s and bandwidths up to 400 MHz. The new option allows users to define 23 Direct Digital Synthesis (DDS) cores per AWG-card, that can be routed to the hardware output channels. Each DDS core (sine wave) can be programmed for frequency, amplitude, phase, frequency slope, and amplitude slope.

This enables, for example, the control of lasers through AODs and AOMs, often used in quantum experiments, with just a few simple commands, instead of making large data array calculations. The DDS output can be synchronised with external trigger events, or by a programmable timer with a resolution of 6,4 ns.

The ability to switch between the normal AWG mode (which generates waveforms out of pre-programmed data) and the DDS mode (which needs only a few commands to generate sine wave carriers), makes the Spectrum AWGs highly versatile and can be adapted to almost any application. In DDS-mode, the AWG acts as a base for the multi-tone DDS.

The units’ built-in 4 GB of memory and fast DMA transfer mode allows the streaming of DDS commands at a rate as high as 10 million commands per second. This unique capability provides the flexibility to perform user-defined slopes and various modulation types (FM and AM) with simple, easy-to-use, DDS commands.


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