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Webinar: The future of home security

30 April 2024 DSP, Micros & Memory

Mouser Electronics has partnered with Infineon Technologies to provide the engineering community with a new webinar called ‘Secured Smart Access: Building the Future of Smart Homes’.

As our homes progress and develop, they are no longer just a network of simple connected devices. They are now ‘smart’ systems capable of automating complex operations ranging from zonal climate control systems to intelligent door locks, and as a result, every access point is a critical security and safety risk that must be managed. The demand for smart home devices that are both user friendly and secure is higher than ever, and there are many factors and challenges to consider.

By attending this informative webinar, participants will gain valuable insights into the key solutions that can improve secured smart access across a wide range of applications, such as surveillance and IP cameras, video doorbells, smart locks, automatic gate and door opening systems, and integrated alarm systems. Attendees will also discover how the Matter framework will improve device interoperability, and simplify adoption and installation, helping to accelerate the evolution of the smart home.

By attending this webinar, participants will learn more about:

• The foundational building blocks for the future of smart homes – safety, security, interoperability, and convenience.

• Best practices for designing smart home devices.

• The future of smart homes through real-world examples of secured smart access use cases.

• Infineon’s smart home solutions for secured access applications.

• The AIROC CYW20829 BLUETOOTH LE MCU, which is a highly integrated communication module, complete with a secure boot/execution environment and cryptography acceleration.

• The PSoC 62S2 Wi-Fi BLUETOOTH Pioneer Kit, which enables the rapid development of Infineon's PSoC 62 Series MCUs.

• The OPTIGA Trust M MTR, which is a tamper-resistant hardware solution designed to integrate with any MCU/SoC and functions as a discrete security solution combined with a Matter provisioning service.

• The ModusToolbox platform, which is a modern, extensible development ecosystem that supports a wide range of Infineon microcontroller devices and helps accelerate the development of secure smart home solutions.

Date: 18 June 2024

Time: 17:00 SAST

For more information visit https://emea.info.mouser.com/webinar-Infineon-smarthome-emea


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