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RFiber Solutions: A passion for innovation and service excellence

28 June 2024 Editor's Choice

RFiber Solutions was founded by Andrew Hannay in early 2015. His love for electronics and travel inspired him to start the company, driven by a desire to explore the world for the latest technological innovations. Richard Finniss joined Andrew a year later, drawn in by his mutual passion for electronics. Together, they and their team share a love for networking and bringing partners together to build the latest innovations in the industry, and it is this that has been the driving force behind the success and growth of RFiber Solutions.

Starting with a single person before expanding a year later to two staff members, the company now boasts a staff complement of seven highly motivated team members. With the continued expansion of RFiber, it is anticipated that more members will be joining the team in the new year.

The company’s offices are in Irene, housed in a building constructed by Andrew. As RFiber has expanded, so too has the space undergone various transformations aimed at enhancing efficiency and fostering a positive work environment. They are now in the planning stages for a new and larger office building and warehouse in Centurion, and dedicated office space in Cape Town. This development will see the company maintaining a strategic stock inventory to further improve their turnaround times, ensuring continued excellence in its operations. The growth in both the premises and the staff complement reflects the company’s commitment to building a strong and capable team to support the evolving business.

RFiber Solutions provides a holistic and comprehensive approach to all components and subsystems within a product, from the RF front-end through to the power supply. While the primary focus is on electronic warfare, radar, and tactical communications, the team’s deep knowledge of the electronic warfare industry enables us to keep our customers informed about the latest shifts and trends in this dynamic field. Dedication to bridging the gap between disruptive technologies and traditional analogous systems, helps to guide their customers through the integration of AI and the digitisation of the entire RF front-end. This approach not only benefits their customers by keeping them at the forefront of technological advancements, but also sets them apart by allowing them to offer unparalleled expertise and insight into the rapidly evolving world of RF engineering.

While RFiber’s core expertise remains in electronic warfare, radar, and tactical communications, it recently expanded its market reach by supplying commercial products to non-military customers. This allowed the company to leverage its technical knowledge and quality standards to serve a broader customer base and reflects its adaptability to embrace new challenges and markets.

At RFiber, a strong value system is the cornerstone of its operating ethos:

• Excellence: The company strives to deliver the best parts and service to its customers.

• Accountability: The company takes responsibility for its actions and ensures transparency in all its dealings.

• Integrity: Business is conducted with honesty and the highest ethical standards are upheld.

• Innovation: Cutting-edge technology is embraced, and its products and processes are continuously improved to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

• Customer Focus: Customers’ needs are prioritised to provide tailored solutions and exceptional support.

• Quality Assurance: The company adheres to rigorous quality control standards to ensure that every component supplied meets the highest benchmarks of reliability and performance.

• Sustainability: RFiber Solutions is committed to environmentally responsible practices and strives to minimise its ecological footprint.

• Collaboration: A collaborative environment is fostered with its partners, suppliers, and customers, to drive mutual success and innovation.

• Expertise: With over 19 years in the engineering environment and 25 years in sales, RFiber’s team possesses deep industry knowledge and experience to guide its customers effectively.

Together, these values empower RFiber to achieve outstanding results and build lasting relationships based on integrity and mutual respect; a deep-seated love for the work they do drives the team to continuously innovate and strive for excellence.

RFiber’s vision is to cement its status as an industry leader by delivering exceptional products and services to its customers, all while maintaining a cutting-edge, innovative approach that keeps its competitors on their toes.


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