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Fans resistant to salt corrosion

1 May 2013 Circuit & System Protection

Orion Fans has designed a series of AC and DC fans tested to tough environmental conditions, including salt fog, salt spray, temperature changes and humidity.

The OA109 series AC fans, OA172 series AC fans and OD1238 series DC fans meet the international standards on salt spray tests GR487, ASTM-B-117 and ISO 9227, and are rated to IP55.

The fans meet or exceed accelerated salt spray and salt fog testing that can last from eight hours up to 3000 hours, an achievement that ensures corrosion resistance. This testing is typically performed on products used for marine, automotive, military and other outdoor uses.

The O172 series AC fans feature diecast aluminium frames and a dual ball bearing system that withstands exposure to intense conditions, such as those encountered in marine external circulation and telecommunication systems.

The OA109 series and OA172 series are available in both 115 V a.c. and 230 V a.c., power ratings ranging from 8 W to 35 W, and airflows ranging from 110 CFM to 235 CFM. The OA109’s design provides an L10 life expectancy of 60 000 hours due to its top-quality ball bearings.

The OD1238 DC series fans are available in 12 V, 24 V, 48 V and 60 V versions with airflows of 73 CFM or 154 CFM and an operational L10 life span of 65 000 hours. Other custom DC voltages are available upon request.

Custom sizes, as well as DC fans and blowers with special functions such as tachometer output, locked rotor alarm, pulse width modulation (PWM) input, and thermal and constant speed controls are also available upon request.

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