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Solder recovery system
29 January 2014, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

The EVS 500 solder recovery system from EVS International dispenses with air driven pistons and the chamber, teeth and pistons design. The new patented technology inverts the solder/dross separation pot and adds an innovative 180° rotating facility. As no teeth are used to separate the solder/dross, the ingot coming from the machine is very clean.

The EVS 500 has a small footprint, yet is fully automatic, and offers all the same safeties and locking systems of the larger EVS 8K/10K models. It is aimed at customers with one lead wave and one lead-free wave; those who use nitrogen or want to reduce their nitrogen usage; those with selective solder pots who only remove small amounts of dross every hour; or customers with multiple waves, where one EVS 500 is connected to each wave to ensure that the maximum recovery is maintained throughout the life of the wave solder system.

The machine can recover 50% to 80% pure solder from dross. It is ISO 14001 compatible and can also help to reduce dedrossing time by 75% and waste dross off-site by up to 85%. The system meshes with environmental control systems and also helps to reduce customers’ carbon footprint by utilising the latent heat already imputed to the dross to help the recovery process.

For more information contact Truth Electronic Manufacturing, +27 (0)31 822 8555,

Supplied By: Truth Electronic Manufacturing
Tel: +27 31 822 8555
Fax: 086 591 4465
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