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Connectors for LED lighting
18 March 2015, Interconnection

Mill-Max addresses the connector needs of the growing field of LED lighting applications with products such as receptacles and sockets suitable for LED Bi-pin bulbs and interconnects ideal for co-planar mating of LED driver boards. The range covers a variety of through-hole and surface mount products suitable for LED lighting requirements.

SMT connectors

For applications such as strip lights requiring end-to-end mating (daisy chaining) of boards, co-planar board mating connectors of the surface mounting HSMT family are available on 100 mil and 50 mil grids. These headers and sockets have Z-bend style lead terminations providing a low profile and easy inspection of solder joints.

A recent addition is the 339-10-1XX-40-000000 series surface-mount header/jumper. This has Z-bend SMT terminations on both ends, useful for creating a soldered, daisy chain ­connection of two co-planar boards. This can be convenient when there is only access to the top of the board and/or a permanent connection is desired. The low profile of all these connectors (100 mil maximum) makes them especially ­appealing for use in LED strip lighting systems.

These connectors are supplied in standard plating options of gold or tin with high-temperature insulators suitable for RoHS compliant environments and for reflow soldering. The co-planarity of the connector leads is 5 mil for connectors up to 1 inch in length. Rounding out the HSMT connector line are spring-loaded products in single-row strips and individual components.

Through-hole connectors

The through-hole products offered for co-planar board-to-board interconnects include connectors on 50 mil, 70 mil, 2 mm and 100 mil grids. These are right angle connectors and like the SMT products, they are ideal for daisy chaining of boards, are low-profile and have high-temperature insulators suitable for reflow soldering processes. Plating options are gold and tin (RoHS compliant) as well as tin/lead.

Lastly, to bring power to the driver board, Mill-Max has connectors with solder cup terminations. These include 100 mil grid connectors and can handle wire sizes up to #20 AWG.

Receptacles and sockets

Mill-Max also manufactures a selection of off-the-shelf receptacles that accept LED bulb leads conforming to the MR11 (G4 Style) and MR16 (G5.3 Style) base configurations. It offers through-hole solder-mount, press-fit, open bottom, SMT and wire termination options to suit the application.

These receptacles can be mounted in housings to make connector assemblies or fixed directly to a circuit board. The company can quickly manufacture the two-pin socket of a customer’s choice by utilising Fr-4 epoxy for the housing and standard receptacles with the termination style required. For those applications where high operating temperatures are a concern, the standard beryllium copper contact can be replaced with a beryllium nickel contact suited for higher temperatures (above 150°C).

All Mill-Max pin headers, receptacle sockets and spring pin connectors feature high-speed screw machined pins, receptacles and spring pin components manufactured to precision tolerances. Inside each receptacle is a precision stamped beryllium copper contact. Spring pins contain durable, gold-plated beryllium copper or stainless steel springs.

For more information contact Spectrum Concepts, +27 (0)11 425 1400,,

Supplied By: Spectrum Concepts
Tel: +27 11 425 1400
Fax: 086 520 5995
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