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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017


Company profile: Execukit
10 October 2018, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Execukit is a relatively new fixture in the South African electronics manufacturing sector, having been founded in March 2017 with the vision of offering “a different approach to materials procurement, materials control and kitting with the goal to provide customers with a seamless chain of kit supply, saving them time and money,” in the words of owner, Renita Fleischer. “We have an open book pricing policy which will not be changed. Honesty is key.”

Renita Fleischer.
Renita Fleischer.

However, the company is backed by a wealth of experience, as Fleischer herself has been a part of the industry for close to three decades. “I received my first Pulse Buyers’ Guide in 1990,” she shares. “This was a proud moment for me, not only because I was officially a buyer but I saw it as a status symbol. I never thought that my company would feature in the book that was so special to me. The Pulse Buyers’ Guide became the Electronics Buyers’ Guide (EBG) in later years.

“Back in the ‘90s we did not have the luxury of finding items on the Internet. Databooks and datasheets were sent by sales people that had all the knowledge to offer equivalents. This can only begin to explain why the in-depth knowledge of the veterans of the industry is on a level of its own.”

Fleischer works side by side with Angela Shasha, ExecuKit’s procurement manager, with the pair boasting 50 years of combined experience in the electronics industry. Shasha has a diploma in purchasing and supply chain management, as well as a diploma in aviation. Together they aim to always achieve the satisfaction of presenting 100% correct and complete kits to ExecuKit’s customers, on time.

“If I can quote Michelle Obama: ‘Success isn’t about how much money you make. It’s about the difference you make in people’s lives.’ This is my motto. I would also like to thank our suppliers, who were there from day one. Thank you for trusting ExecuKit and believing in ExecuKit. We will never forget the guys that stood by us from the first order. And finally, a special thank you to Gordon Curr, CEO of Saflec – a man who saw the opportunity and potential,” Fleischer concludes.

For more information contact Renita Fleischer, Execukit, +27 82 744 9660,

Supplied By: ExecuKit
Tel: +27 11 477 4760
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