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ESD shielding bags
EMP 2019 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Altico shielding bags have been designed to protect intricate electronic components from electrostatic discharge (ESD) damage. Packaging comes in different colours, depending on the type of components being transported, and they are clearly marked with the ESD protection label to indicate that operators need to practice caution when handling these objects.

The ESD packaging comes in the following ranges:

• Antistatic, made from polyethylene low-charge material. Usually comes in a clear, pink-tinted colour and ideal for non-sensitive ESD items.

• Conductive packaging made from polyethylene and carbon. Ideal for ESD-sensitive objects and usually black-tinted.

• Shielding, for highly sensitive components that are especially vulnerable to ESD. Comes in vacuum-deposited aluminium with layers of polyester and polyethylene film. Appearance is metallised semi-transparent.

Altico offers ESD packaging in rolls that can be custom cut and sealed into different sizes as required. Desiccant bags are also available to remove moisture within packaging during long-term storage.

For more information contact Altico Static Control Solutions, +27 11 608 3001,,

Supplied By: Altico Static Control Products
Tel: +27 11 608 3001
Fax: +27 11 608 1918
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