90 CRI LEDs with high efficacy

30 January 2019 Opto-Electronics

Cree has launched XLamp eTone LEDs, a set of chip-on-board (COB) LEDs that delivers 90 colour rendering index (CRI) light quality at the same efficacy as today’s standard 80 CRI LEDs. They also deliver up to 155 lumens per Watt (LPW) at 3000K CCT, 85°C – making them well-suited for high-quality lighting in retail, museum, high-end commercial and medical applications.

For many indoor lighting applications, the typical guideline for light quality is a minimum CRI of 80. Lower CRI values tend to distort colours and are generally unpleasing, while higher CRI values of 90 mean higher fidelity or accuracy, indicating better light quality. LEDs with 90 CRI values are primarily used in settings where colour quality is critical, such as retail and museum lighting.

LEDs have been available in 90 CRI versions for many years but until now, this light quality has come at a significant penalty to light output and efficacy when compared to lower light quality 70 or 80 CRI versions. Cree’s new eTone LEDs overcome this penalty by delivering an upgrade in LED efficacy of up to 17% over existing 90 CRI LEDs without sacrificing colour quality.

Available in both the ceramic-based XLamp CXA2 standard density and the metal-based XLamp CMA and CMT high-current COB LED families, all eTone LEDs share the same mechanical and electrical characteristics as the standard versions so that lighting designers will be able to quickly upgrade their designs with minimal redesign effort. Additionally, LM-80 data coverage is available to reduce the time for lighting manufacturers to receive DesignLights Consortium qualifications on their products.

For more information contact Willem Schmidt, Altron Arrow, +27 11 923 9600, wschmidt@arrow.altech.co.za, www.arrow.altech.co.za


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