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Digital workflow eases selection of Schroff products
28 August 2019, Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

nVent Schroff has a series of coordinated services that simplify and speed up the digital workflow from selection to delivery of Schroff products. Now when users search for products on, such as electronic cabinets, enclosures and PCB accessories, they are consistently provided with necessary support in a variety of ways.

This starts with the search function on the nVent Schroff website, which has been updated to create a more user-friendly experience. The product pages have additional filters with technical characteristics of products so visitors can narrow down the product search and ensure they are viewing products for their specific application. There is also the option of directly comparing the technical characteristics of two similar products, which helps customers choose the right standard product for their requirements.

If customers need to further adapt the product they find by making modifications, they can use corresponding product configurators and then integrate drill holes, recesses, labels, select colours, or swap entire components and accessories. The configurators also enable a product to be customised from the bottom up, without basing it on a standard product.

If desired, customers can receive support from a chat partner right from the start. As soon as a customer starts using the website, a window opens at the bottom right of the browser for a live chat with an expert who answers questions and provides additional help for selecting a suitable product.

When customers find their product and have selected their country, the local list price and availability are displayed—without any registration. This is also true for the shopping cart and for standard products as well as for most configured or modified products.

After customers with an activated account log in, they will immediately receive their customer-specific prices. In addition, the CAD data for the product will promptly be made available in over 30 native 2D and 3D formats. That way, when developers and project managers are researching a product, they obtain all the information important to them for quickly turning their project into reality.

One of the download formats provided is an STL format. It supplies the geometrical information of three-dimensional data models for creating a model with a 3D printer. Customers have the option of producing a model themselves for test purposes, using their own 3D printer, or a 3D printer at nVent Schroff. If they use their own 3D printer, they receive the data at no cost, and no licence fees will be due.

In addition to the product configurators that are made available, a second option enables modifications such as recesses to be integrated into the standard product. For this option, customers load the selected standard product from the nVent Schroff website into their own CAD system.

They insert the desired modifications into this original data and then use the upload function on the website. This loads the modified data back into the quotation structure for this configured product and ensures that all data required for the subsequent production is brought together in a project list and can be easily processed further.

For more information contact Actum Electronics, +27 11 608 3001,

Supplied By: Actum Electronics
Tel: +27 11 608 3001
Fax: +27 11 608 1918
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