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29 January 2020 Editor's Choice News

While it’s all been business as usual in terms of the quality content we provide to our readers, behind the scenes our technical design elves have been locked away in our basement for months, improving the visual design and functionality of the Dataweek website.

If you’re reading this online, you’ll no doubt already be admiring the end result of all that hard work; if you’re reading this in print, please visit www.dataweek.co.za to see why we’re so proud of the overhaul.

In addition to looking more modern and being easier to navigate, it performs better as well. The designers streamlined things so that the site’s responses are as fast as they can be over the Internet. This allows us to continue to deliver our premium content to any device through which users prefer to access it and from anywhere – no app required.

To cater for the ever-growing number of users accessing the site from mobile devices, the new responsive design will instantly adjust the page you’re on to fit the screen you’re using, whether you’re on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC. This will ensure the crown jewel of the site, the content, is accessible and easy to read no matter when, where or how you’re accessing it.

While the regular information and categories our thousands of visitors each month are accustomed to seeing are still there, the site now includes a new category for videos and other multimedia. The menu bar at the top also makes it easier to access Dataweek’s annual handbooks as well as back issues – and to subscribe to the magazine and/or email news briefs.

One of the most popular and most frequently used components of www.dataweek.co.za, the search field, has also been turbocharged to provide more accurate results, faster than ever. Users simply type what they are looking for into the field, hit enter and all the past content published by Dataweek will be searched in seconds, with the newest articles appearing first in the results. One can further refine your search by searching within these results.

Simpler, faster and pleasing to the eye, the new Dataweek website is, more than ever, the home page for the South African electronics and communications technology market.


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