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Versal HBM series evaluation kit
26 July 2023, Avnet Silica
The VHK158 evaluation kit is an evaluation platform for the Versal HBM series VH1582 device, designed to keep up with the higher memory needs of compute-intensive, memory-bound applications. The system ...

Edge-AI embedded computer
26 July 2023, Rugged Interconnect Technologies
Online Teaser: With Intel Iris Xe graphics, ADLINK’s edge AI embedded computers and media players support UHD video capabilities for awe-inspiring visual details and up to 40 simultaneous streams of 1080p 30-fps video content.

KIOXIA and HPE team up to send SSDs to the ISS
29 March 2023, EBV Electrolink
KIOXIA has announced its participation in the HPE Spaceborne Computer-2 (SBC-2) programme, which uses KIOXIA SSDs to provide robust flash storage in HPE Edgeline and HPE ProLiant servers in a test environment.

Comprehensive AI computing solution
29 March 2023, Altron Arrow
Powered by the NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin, the BOXER-8640AI fanless Box PC from AAEON Technology brings AI capabilities to the edge.

Multi-channel video-enabled AI
28 February 2023, Rugged Interconnect Technologies
The JetStream provides dual HDMI outputs and eight composite video inputs, allowing multi-channel video AI applications to be rapidly developed and deployed.

12th generation power with a sophisticated edge system
23 November 2022, Altron Arrow, Edge Computing & IIoT
Packing the power-efficient multicore architecture of Intel’s 12th Generation Core i7/i5/i3/Celeron processors, onboard LPDDR5, and AI module support into a compact edge system, the UP Xtreme is suitable for AI applications in healthcare, industrial processes, and transport management.

Scripting language simplifies hardware and software automation
23 November 2022, RF Design
IO Ninja is an all-in-one terminal emulator, sniffer, protocol analyser, and I/O monitor, and its capabilities have made it an indispensable tool for network security experts, system administrators, and developers.

A comprehensive, power-efficient network solution
23 November 2022, Altron Arrow
AAEON has released its newest and most sophisticated addition to the rackmount network application range. The FWS-7541, powered by an Intel Xeon D-1700 processor, offers Xeon-level performance while maintaining an efficient use of power.

Fanless AIoT video analytics platform
23 November 2022, Rugged Interconnect Technologies
AI is accelerating the digital transformation of the railway industry to improve operational efficiency, deliver smarter and safer customer services, and create new business opportunities.

VIA launches ruggedised intelligent edge system
23 November 2022, Centurion Micro Electronics
VIA Technologies has announced the launch of the ruggedised VIA AMOS-3007 for the most demanding Industrial IoT use cases, ranging from equipment monitoring and process automation to rich data visualisation and facilities management.

Five truths about AI-driven software testing
23 November 2022, Concilium Technologies, AI & ML
The hard truth about traditional software test automation is that it requires significant manual effort on the part of the tester.

Adjustable earth leakage relay
23 November 2022, NewElec Pretoria
Newelec’s protection relay has an RS232 interface allowing customers to configure output trip relay options including latching or non-latching main trip contact, fail-safe or non-fail-safe options, and 110 to 220 V or 380 to 525 V AC auxiliary supply voltages.

New SWaP-optimised rugged computing unit
26 October 2022, Rugged Interconnect Technologies
North Atlantic Industries has introduced the NIU3E rugged nano interface unit, which is a SWaP-optimised computer with self-contained processing, Ethernet switching and a multifunction I/O system.

fitlet2 miniature computer for demanding IoT applications
26 October 2022, Brandwagon Distribution
Based on the Intel Atom x7-E3950 processor (Apollo-Lake generation), with up to 16 GB RAM and storage options ranging from eMMC to 2,5-inch SSD, fitlet2 is a highly versatile miniature PC for IoT.

Future-proofing an organisation using edge computing
28 September 2022
Processing intelligent data for real-time decision-making is the next frontier for infrastructure evolution and will help to drive technologies like IoT and artificial intelligence powered applications.

AI platform and digital signage for vending machines
28 September 2022, Avnet Silica
SECO has a solution for turning any industrial or commercial device into a smart machine, thanks to its ability to process raw data using AI algorithms.

Embedded box PC for AI applications
28 September 2022, Altron Arrow
AAEON has released two new fanless embedded box PCs, the Boxer-8640AI and the Boxer-8641AI, both of which are suited to AI edge applications.

The importance of automation and data strategy in future-proofing cloud adoption
28 September 2022
Cloud computing is one of the key catalysts of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR). It has single-handedly accelerated business efficiency through its ability to drive contingency, scalability, almost real-time data availability, and a reduction in on-site skills required to manage complex environments.

Miniature PC for demanding IoT applications
28 September 2022, Brandwagon Distribution
Based on the Intel Atom x7-E3950 processor (Apollo-Lake generation), with up to 16 GB RAM and storage options ranging from eMMC to 2,5-inch SSD, fitlet2 is a highly versatile miniature PC for IoT.

New family of rugged embedded computers
31 August 2022, Rugged Interconnect Technologies
The new generation of rugged computer, based on the 10 nm Intel Atom x6000 processor, has been designed for robustness, reliability and long-term availability.


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