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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2019

Design Automation

Shape-based autorouter
14 February 2001

ACCEL Technologies, a leading developer of Windows-based electronic design software, has released P-CAD 2000's sophisticated new shape-based autorouter. Adding to the already powerful array of P-CAD 2000 ...

C compiler tools
14 February 2001

Climax Electronics offers a range of low-cost C compilers for the Motorola HC11/12 and the Atmel AVR microcontrollers, including the ATTINY series and the Atmel FPSLIC (field programmable system level ...

Integrated CAM tool added to P-CAD 2000
14 February 2001

ACCEL will be integrating CAMtastic! 2000 Designers' Edition into P-CAD 2000, a specialised design tool for PCB professionals. This move follows the recent acquisition of Innovative CAD Software by Protel ...

Software boosts performance by more than 30%
24 January 2001

Altera's latest version of the Quartus development software, Version 2000.09, features the new PowerFit fitter technology. According to the company, this delivers higher design performance (fMAX), reduced ...

On-chip debugging for Hitachi flash micro
24 January 2001, Avnet South Africa

Hitachi's E10T is a low cost on-chip debugging tool that provides debugging support for its low power 16 bit flash microcontroller, the H8/3664F. The device features a simple 5-pin interface which provides ...

Emulation support for embedded PowerPC
24 January 2001

iSYSTEM has announced support for 32 bit Embedded PowerPC cores from Motorola. The newly introduced iCARDs interface to the target on-chip firmware via JTAG or BDM and support 5 V down to 1,8 V technology. ...

Programming product line expandable for future needs
24 January 2001

DeviceRama offers an innovative range of programming tools for the electronics industry. The ChipBurner Gang family of device programmers is wholly versatile, through readily available selective customisation, ...

New design software solution for automotive electrical systems
22 November 2000, ASIC Design Services

Innoveda has released a new software tool and interfaces that complete TransDesign, the industry's first fully integrated harness design solution for automating vehicle-level electrical system design. ...

Design tool for PCB professionals
22 November 2000

P-CAD 2000 significantly expands on the proven technology of the former Accel P-CAD PCB product by including as standard many of the advanced features that previously had to be separately ...

New generation of model-based design tools for embedded control systems
22 November 2000, Opti-Num Solutions

The MathWorks, a supplier of technical computing software for engineers and scientists, has released what it says is the industry's most advanced model-based design software that enables users to develop ...

Design assistant helps speed development time for telecoms interfaces
8 November 2000, ASIC Design Services

Level One has introduced a free development tool called 'The Design Assistant'. The company says that Design Assistants are a compilation of information created to simplify the design of new systems, ...

Design tool enables desktop-based system-on-chip design
22 November 2000, Altron Arrow, Avnet South Africa

Atmel's field programmable system level integration circuit (FPSLIC) design tool - SystemDesigner, is the industry's first integrated tool suite with co-verification available for creating and implementing ...

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