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Technology partner - electronic contract manufacturer with a difference

27 July 2005 Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Whether your project is turnkey or consignment, Parsec, a full service contract manufacturer, offers a wide range of technology capabilities.

With Parsec's primary objective being to enhance the competitiveness of its clients, which includes amongst others, OEMS, product development houses, research institutes and system integrators, one would do well to consider Parsec as a technology partner.

From its meagre production beginnings in Silverton, serving the needs of businesses that required small to medium production runs as well as larger defence OEMs who needed high quality prototypes, Parsec is now housed in custom-designed facilities at Centurion's Highveld Technopark. It has integrated its production offerings with its electronic design and development capability, thus enabling it to offer a unique blend of one-stop electronic design and production services. A critical factor allowing it to meet these diverse needs is the company's deep understanding of design and production issues and its ability to integrate the two.


Parsec's larger Centurion-based production facility can house a more extensive component store, facilitating turnkey manufacturing solutions. It has also invested in state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment that allows it to offer the latest hot air convection reflow, stencil printing, BGA rework and wave soldering technology. A specialised test laboratory and conformal coating facility have also been established.

Parsec's competencies have enabled it forge strong technology partnerships with companies in the high-tech and volume sectors. Parsec says that working closely with them ensures its facility is able to cater for 'intelligent production' needs - ie, production based on strong engineering capabilities.

Parsec is a leading player in the programmable logic environment and has formed partnerships with numerous entities that require high-tech programmable logic designs. Also, it has gained much design and production experience while developing its own range of leading-edge configurable CompactPCI and PMC modules. These include:

* StarFabric-based cPCI PMC carrier modules.

* dual PMC FPGA processing modules.

* dual channel 14-bit DAC and ADC PMC modules.

Parsec's commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) modules complement and enhance its offerings as they are designed for manufacturability and testability.

Quality turnkey solutions

With its range of capabilities Parsec can increase its clients' competitiveness. This even more so when it provides start-to-finish solutions across the product development lifecycle, it says. Because design and production form one continuum of activities, management time in areas of specification, control and sub-contract manufacturing is saved, and the risk of communication breakdown is lowered.

Parsec achieved ISO 9001:2000 Accreditation in 2002 and strives to maintain the high quality of workmanship and inspection demanded by its clients. Its assembly services range from manual prototyping to automated SMD assembly, and it uses state of the art, lead-free compatible production equipment.


Assembly capabilities include the latest component packaging technologies, including μBGAs, leadless lead-frame and 0402 components. Specialised rework equipment is available for reworking or modification of high technology boards that incorporate the latest component technologies. Multiple manual THD assembly lines provide for a wide range of assembly requirements. Workmanship standards up to IPC-J-STD-001-Class 3 are catered for, with quality inspection up to IPC-A-610C-Class 3. Included in the service offering are conformal coating, tacking and potting, as well as product assembly, integration and final packaging.

The production facility includes a testing laboratory serviced by qualified technicians. Testing services include production line testing and specialised testing. The lab is equipped to perform passive temperature tests and active temperature cycling up to 7°C/min and Parsec can also assist with the development of test jigs.

The procurement division and component store allows Parsec to provide a full turnkey service to customers, ensuring that all components, parts and PCBs are delivered on time, and in a cost efficient manner.

The company has five CAD engineers to cater for all new designs and board updates, and meet it in-house and its clients' PCB design requirements. Design and manufacturability reviews ensure that new designs are production-friendly, resulting in reduced cost. Design packages used include Mentor Graphics DC/Exp PCB, PCAD 2004 and SolidWorks 2005.

Parsec's 30+ design engineers, whose capabilities range from hardware, software, FPGA, microcontroller and DSP design, cater for product development needs. Other services include enclosure design and modelling, certification and testing, design simulation and VHDL training.


Unlike other contract manufacturers, Parsec says it is committed to ensuring that its clients and technology partners experience something memorable when they commission it to serve their needs, be that for contract manufacturing, design requirements, or both. And, by adding value in a variety of ways, it will continue to enhance their competitiveness.

For more information contact Andries van Schalkwyk, Parsec, +27 (0)12 678 9740, or Rion Fullard,


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