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2 April 2008 News

ASIC Design Services, founded in 1989 as a design house for application specific integrated circuits (ASICs), is today a leading distributor of complex electronic components and electronic design automation (EDA) software in South Africa.

The company is primarily focused on the programmable logic market, where it represents Actel renowned for its Flash-based field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs), and Mentor Graphics, a market leader for programmable logic simulation and associated software solutions. ASIC Design Services supports its distribution business by offering design, training and technical support services. By leveraging its technical know-how and design expertise, the company serves as a solutions partner to its customers, rather than being limited to the sales fulfilment role of the classical distributor.

The company has particular specialised expertise in the following areas:

* Telecoms: E1 framers implemented on Actel FPGAs and integrated with Exar line interface units and Halo transformers.

* Data security: efficient encryption cores (eg, AESlite) and DES, triple DES and AES cores available from Actel. Designs are implemented on Actel's 'design secure' FPGAs.

* DSP: the company implements DSP algorithms in hardware and offers a digital down-converter ASSP.

* Datacoms: custom solutions for a variety of bus protocols including I2C, 1553B and PCI.

* PCB design: using Mentor Graphics' PADS and Expedition PCB products.

* Cable harness: with VeSys and Capital-H.

For more information contact ASIC Design Services, +27 (0)11 315 8316,,


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