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11 June 2008 Enclosures, Racks, Cabinets & Panel Products

Seen from a technical point of view, product lifecycles are decreasing. Products are more complex, require more detailed explanation and are becoming more demanding from the service aspect.

Services for customers are today equally as important as high quality products, with customers demanding complete solutions for the entire lifecycle of products.

The existing electronics packaging service offered at Schroff has been extended over recent years and currently comprises numerous services which have been well received by customers. In order to enhance the transparency of these services, Schroff has now gone one step further by streamlining all existing services and adding a number of new pre- and after-sales services under the umbrella brand 'ServicePLUS'. The ServicePLUS concept consists of eight modules: configuration, assembly, modification, solution, express, support, academy and lifecycle

The eight modules of ServicePLUS
The eight modules of ServicePLUS

Configuration: Compile products individually and easily

Nearly all Schroff products are based on platform concepts. From a large pool of standard items customers can configure their individual products. This flexibility and the great variety of possible service combinations become clear in the Schroff catalogue as well as support through interactive configurators on the Internet. Individual products can be configured quickly, easily and application orientated. Immediately after the configuration the customer receives a complete parts list with all order numbers.


Schroff, together with its exclusive partner in South Africa, also offers a complete assembly service. The majority of the products come in a self-assembly and easy- to-use system. Customers can either assemble the particular product themselves by following the simple instructions, or they can make use of the assembly service offered by Actum Electronics.

Modification: Customise standard products

Standard products have two great advantages: they can be ordered easily and are delivered quickly. However, products often have to be adapted to certain conditions and be modified, for example by drilling, cutouts, silk screen printing or special colouring.

Integrated into this ServicePLUS module is also the service known as 'Front Panel Fast Track' for individual configuration of front panels. After the input of basic data of the front panels - such as height, width, number of round holes, number of cutouts, required EMC shielding, type of finish, varnish or silk screen printing (the number of required colours) - the desired accessories (different types of sleeve and collar screws as well as shielding material) are selected.

Solution: System integration from one source

Electronics packaging means more than empty cabinets and cases. Schroff offers services including system integration, the integration of electromagnetic and electronic components, such as EMC measures, cabling, switches, backplanes, power supplies, monitoring units or cooling solutions into a cabinet or case. Users thus receive what is effectively a plug-and-play product for their 19" technology. The starting point for this integration is the customer's requirements, resulting from the specification and the framework conditions.

Certain 'high-end' modifications of standard products, which in some instances require extensive additional or new developments, are also realised with this service.

Express: When time is of the essence

On the top of customers' wish lists are short delivery times. In prototype construction as much as in serial production, apart from flexibility during product development, delivery times in particular are often the deciding factor. This ServicePLUS module focuses on these aspects of service delivery.

Support: Difficulties and problems are solved on time

Even the best quality management does not always avoid the occurrence of faults or production problems. To be available for the customer at all times and realise short response times is the aim of an effective fault analysis.

Academy: Useful knowledge passed on

Fundamental knowledge of technologies and the products of the manufacturers by staff and service technicians is the basis for trouble-free operation of their application. Schroff provides the basis for a beneficial transfer of knowledge by having skilled partners in the countries in which it is represented.

Lifecycle: Support for the entire product lifecycle

The last of the eight ServicePLUS modules consists of customer care and support over the entire product lifecycle. Depending on customers' requirements, an individual lifecycle package can be formulated from different services - including delivery to operating site, extension of guarantee, replacement of parts and upgrading.


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