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Omnigo offers turnkey manufacturing solution

1 October 2008 Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

By offering a turnkey electronic manufacturing service to its customers, Omnigo says it provides peace of mind by delivering quality products on time, affording customers the time to focus on their core business of product development and marketing.

The company relies on its personnel to achieve its high levels of quality and throughput, and places great value on the contribution of its workforce. As a turnkey electronic manufacturing facility, its internal processes are streamlined, starting from the quotation phase right through to delivering the end product on time.

This approach, coupled with advanced manufacturing technologies, enables customers to improve cost, manufacturing performance and time-to-volume production. Omnigo’s production design process is performed concurrently with the resolution of manufacturing issues to enhance the manufacturability of products and increase the production benefits achieved.

Omnigo services a wide variety of clients, many of whom are owned by overseas companies. Traditionally, the company has focused more on the military market because of its ability to repeatably manufacture small quantities of PCBs with a zero failure rate, but as its processes have become more refined and attuned to the general market, it has managed to land numerous commercial customers with a spread of products ranging from mining to water meters.

Omnigo is an ISO 9001:2000 accredited company and manufactures to IPC 610 assembly standards. It also has an after sales department which does rework and repair to IPC 7711 and IPC 7721 standards.

The company’s SMD department can perform lead-free manufacturing if required by the customer and can place components with ±0,4 μm (4 Sigma) accuracy. They are also able to successfully place a wide variety of BGAs and has extensive rework facilities, as well as optical inspection equipment.

Apart from the main PCB production business, Omnigo also has the ability to provide services such as system integration, conformal coating of products, potting and plastic injection moulding, and mechanical packaging.

The company is currently investing in expansion of its facilities in the direction of lead-free production processes, streamlining of production software, and expansion of test facilities with general purpose automated testing.

Omnigo’s test department has given practical training to learner technicians for many years. The company works closely with both Mamelodi Technical College and the Tshwane University of Technology in training their students.

Omnigo sees training of electronics production personnel for the electronic manufacturing industry as a major challenge, and has embarked on SETA recognised training programs to alleviate the skills shortage. Another challenge is the tremendous pressure on salaries at the unskilled and semi skilled levels, while skilled levels such as technicians are in short supply. The balance between automation versus employment remains a critical act to balance.

The company mainly focuses on the southern African market and feels very strongly that more should be done from all involved to bring back production to South Africa. It believes that the benefits to South Africa as a whole will far outweigh the cost savings that these companies incur by manufacturing overseas.

It is also felt that a closer alliance between government and local manufacturing must be fostered so as to enhance the competitiveness of local manufacturing. The benefit that government will gain is the employment of more individuals by these manufacturing companies and this will in turn have a positive effect on the economy as a whole.

Omnigo continues to grow steadily year to year. It attributes this growth to its philosophy of personalised service to customers, and always striving to satisfy its customers manufacturing needs.


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