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LED lighting for retail environments
30 March 2011, Opto-Electronics

Vossloh Schwabe has a new built-in LED system for retail lighting purposes which goes by the name of PanaLumi. The system’s performance also makes it suitable for use in reflector luminaires, flat downlights, façade lighting and pendant luminaires in which the LED driver is not integrated into the LED module, but is installed in a separate unit. This also makes it suitable for domestic lighting.

Powered by constant current, the LED module at the heart of the system is available in three array versions with 12 to 16 high-performance LEDs and various colour temperatures (2700 K to 4000 K). In addition, the compact module is very flat and measures only 50 mm or 56 mm in diameter. The lamp’s low installation depth and flat geometry enable very slim-line luminaire designs since the module can be mounted directly on top of heat-dissipating surfaces.

PanaLumi features a single internal structure and identical dimensions for easy module exchange within the luminaire. Independent control gear makes it possible to use greater cable lengths between the driver and the LED module, thus enabling smaller, slimmer luminaire designs with remote technology. The system is operated using safety extra-low voltage (SELV); fewer measures are therefore required to ensure protection against accidental contact and compliance with relevant standards for simpler luminaire construction.

Thermal protection circuitry ensures the operating current is reduced should the temperature reach a critical value. In addition, modules 404 and 405 are fitted with a temperature-controlled output to connect a 12 V fan. The connecting cable from the LED module to the fan is fitted with a plug for the module. A heat-dissipating graphite foil with minimal thermal resistance enables thermally optimised connection of a heatsink to the module.

PanaLumi is shock- and vibration-resistant. Three mounting points in the form of metal bushings permit safe and reliable mounting of the module, with the components protected by the plastic casing. In addition, the metal bushings enable optimum connection of a heatsink. The module is fitted both with push-in terminals for releasable connecting cables. PanaLumi is VDE-certified in accordance with EN 62031, the relevant safety standard for LED modules.

Provided with either a compact plastic or metal casing, Vossloh’s electronic LED drivers ensure the respective PanaLumi module is supplied with the correct operating current of either 700 mA or 1050 mA. These LED drivers feature high-quality components and are available in standard and dimmable (DALI) versions. In addition, the control gear units can also be powered using direct current. In the event of an electricity cut, a battery can therefore be used to temporarily power the lighting system.

For more information contact Barry Hall, Vossloh Schwabe, +27 (0)11 314 4340,,

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