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Server rack panel mountings for 1000 mm deep version

27 February 2002 Computer/Embedded Technology

A unique feature of APW Electronics' IMserv panel mounting is its ability to accept any design of server from all major manufacturers. Since server manufacturers are continually updating their product ranges, some of the latest models are incompatible with the company's existing design of panel mountings. Accordingly, the manufacturer has redesigned its panel mountings to overcome the problem; as a result, there are some stock control implications.

The 19" front section of the new mountings is the same as the current system, but the side accessory mounting position has been removed to create more width behind the 19" mounting surface giving more space for slide mountings. The new mountings will be full-height units; for mounting shelves and other accessories, additional 8U high brackets will provide the clip-in points where required. One set of 8U accessory brackets will be provided with each set of 19" panel mountings.

New part numbers have been allocated for the revised kits: contact your distributor for information.


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