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Low-side power MOSFET and companion high-side device offer high efficiency
14 August 2002, Power Electronics / Power Management

Vishay Siliconix has claimed a new milestone in optimising MOSFETs for core voltage DC-to-DC power conversion with the release of two advanced LITTLE FOOT devices.

Latest in the Vishay Siliconix portfolio of solutions for DC-to-DC converters, the new devices are a synchronous low-side power MOSFET (Si4362DY) and a control high-side power MOSFET (Si4892DY) that deliver leading performance when used together in single or multiphase power supply circuits for notebook computers and game stations.

With an exceptionally low on-resistance rating of 6,25 mOhm at a 4,5 V gate drive the new Si4362DY is optimised for low-side operation, reducing conduction losses and so boosting efficiency. Optimised for high-side operation, Siliconix' Si4892DY features a very low typical gate charge of 8,7 nC, minimising switching losses, and on-resistance of 20 mOhm at a 4,5 V gate drive.

The new low-side Si4362DY also features a gate-drain-to-gate-source charge ratio of 0,6 and a very low gate resistance of 1,3 Ohm, both characteristics that help to prevent 'shoot-through' conditions where both the high- and low-side MOSFETs are 'on', creating a short from input voltage to ground.

Improving on its predecessor, the Si4894DY, the new Si4892DY features a lower gate resistance of 1 Ohm, a 30% better on-resistance times gate charge product of 139,2, and faster turn-on times. The device's low switching losses and higher speeds combine to provide higher efficiency control.

Working together, the two 30 V MOSFETs can provide increased efficiency, longer run times, and cooler operation. The devices' low gate-drain-to-gate-source charge ratio allows designers to use less-expensive MOSFET drivers in end products.

For more information: Arrow Altech Distribution, 011 923 9600,, EBV-Electrolink, 021 421 5350,

Supplied By: Altron Arrow
Tel: +27 11 923 9600
Fax: +27 11 923 9884
Supplied By: EBV Electrolink
Tel: +27 21 402 1940
Fax: +27 21 419 6256
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