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Converter family includes large memory and higher speed core
20 November 2002, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

Analog Devices has announced five new MicroConverters and their associated QuickStart evaluation kits, adding to its family of data-acquisition systems on a chip. These devices preserve the signature analog-to-digital converter precision, enhancing the MicroConverter family by offering an eight-fold increase in on-chip memory - facilitating larger programs and C-programming. Each device offers 62 KB of flash/EE program memory, 8 KB of flash/EE data memory, and 2304 bytes of data RAM. A comprehensive suite of peripherals includes precision ADCs, voltage output DACs, PWM/sigma-delta outputs, temperature sensor, and reference. Also included are a watchdog timer, time-interval-counter, serial I/O ports (I2C, SPI & UART), and three timers/counters-timer three facilitates an accurate baud-rate generator at up to 524 kbaud.

The ADuC831, ADuC841 - drop in replacements for the ADuC812 - are for use in applications where larger memory and/or higher core speed are required. They differ in that the ADuC831 has a 12-clock-per-instruction core and a 16 MHz max clock rate, while the ADuC841 has a 1-clock-per-instruction core and a max clock rate of 16 MHz at 3 V and 25 MHz at 5 V. The high-frequency clock is supplied externally. The ADuC832, ADuC842 are identical to the ADuC831/41 respectively, except that they operate from a 32 kHz crystal, with an on-chip PLL generating the high-frequency clock. The ADuC831/32 have an 8-channel 200 kSa/s ADC and a 100 ppm/°C reference. The ADuC841/42 offer a higher throughput 8-channel ADC (up to 400 kSa/s), a more accurate reference (20 ppm/°C), an enhanced I2C interface and higher core speed.

The ADuC836 is an expanded memory version of the ADuC816. It includes dual 16-bit sigma-delta ADCs, a 12-bit DAC, temperature sensor, reference and the same digital peripheral set as detailed above. For 24-bit performance, the ADuC824/34 provides a fully compatible upgrade path. All parts are packaged in a 52-lead plastic quad flatpack and in the smaller (8 x 8 mm) chip-scale package.

Integration, precision and low power make these parts ideal for smart/remote sensor interface in industrial, instrumentation (including portable) and automotive applications, as well as for monitoring/control of critical parameters in communications infrastructure such as base stations and optical transceivers.

For more information contact Analog Data Products, 011 259 9400.

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