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Measuring plus recording with multimeter system

20 November 2002 Electronics Technology

Rishabh Instruments, now locally represented by Tycom, has introduced the RISHmulti series of digital multimeters for precision measurements. The series includes six different models viz RISHmulti 12S-16S which differ in the number of measuring functions, the method of measuring functions (RMS/average), basic accuracy, and the availability of special measurement functions.

All the models have an interface to transfer the measured data to an electronic data-processing system. The multimeters are suitable for the universal measurement in the fields of electrical/electronic engineering, radio and TV engineering, digital technology as well as for electrification, maintenance and other engineering applications.

Safety features

The automatic terminal blocking system (ABS) blocks the terminals not necessary for the particular measurement being performed. This prevents the incorrect connection of the test leads and incorrect setting of the function selector switch. Protection class II, large clearances and creepage distances as well as a contact-safe connection technique offer a very high degree of electrical safety. High precision fuses, protective diodes and overvoltage arresters protect the user from danger and the meter from being damaged in the case of overload.

The meters have complete magnetic and electrical shielding for electro-magnetic compatibility (EMC), while a safety cover of soft rubber protects the meter from damage against accidental shocks.

Measuring functions

In addition to the usual functions (voltage, current, resistance, diode test and continuity test) it is also possible to measure frequency, capacitance, duty cycle and temperature. With AC and composite quantities, a root-mean-square value measurement (TRMS) is easily achieved, regardless of the waveform.

A function selector switch and four pushbuttons permit quick, easy, and safe operation. The multimeter is auto-ranging although the range can also be manually selected and fixed. There is a choice between manual or automatic meter turn-off.

The measured values are shown on an LCD in digital and analog form. For the observation of variations of the measured value around the 'zero' point, the analog scale is also negative ranging.

The meters are fitted with a RS232 C interface with infrared transmission. When connected to a PC, that has the relevant software installed, the recording facilities are enhanced. With the use of Memory adapter SI 232, the user has the advantage of being able to record the measured data without needing an on-site PC - it can be downloaded afterwards. Together with an attachable interface adapter, the RISHcom 100 software, and any commercial PC, the RISHmulti can be configured to make a multimeasurement system.

Each measuring range is precisely calibrated and the meter comes with a test certificate. It is warranted against defects in material, workmanship and calibration for one year.

For more information contact Tycom, 011 787 8508, [email protected]


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