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AI-powered computer for autonomous machines
24 November 2021, Computer/Embedded Technology

Nvidia recently premiered Jetson AGX Orin, the world’s smallest, most powerful and energy-efficient AI supercomputer for robotics, autonomous machines, medical devices and other forms of embedded computing ...
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Step-down converter with nano quiescent current
24 November 2021, Power Electronics / Power Management

The ST1PS03 is a nano-quiescent miniaturised synchronous step-down converter which is able to provide up to 400 mA output current with an input voltage ranging from 1,8 V to 5,5 V. This STMicroelectronics ...
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LED driver expansion board for STM32 Nucleo
24 November 2021, Opto-Electronics

STMicroelectronics’ X-NUCLEO-LED12A1 LED driver expansion board for STM32 Nucleo features four LED1202 devices that can drive up to 48 LEDs. The LED1202 is a 12-channel, low quiescent current LED driver ...
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Improving power supply regulation accuracy with resistor divider tool
24 November 2021, Power Electronics / Power Management

Analog Devices’ LTpowerCAD resistor divider toolbox can use component tolerances and estimate corresponding errors in output voltage, letting designers decide what tolerance is allowable for their application.
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USB Type-C protocol decoder
24 November 2021, Power Electronics / Power Management

The AP43771V from Diodes Incorporated is a USB Type-C Power Delivery (PD) 3.0 PPS decoder dedicated to power source applications with legacy capabilities. It is compliant with USB Type-C specification ...
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Latest updates to Libero SoC v2021.3 Design Suite
24 November 2021, Programmable Logic

Microchip Technology recently introduced new MPFS025T/095T/160T/250T PolarFire SoC devices with Tgrade2 operating conditions in standard and -1 speed grades and MPFS095TS/250TS/460TS devices with MIL ...
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Discovery kit for IoT nodes using STM32U5 MCU
24 November 2021, DSP, Micros & Memory

The B-U585I-IOT02A Discovery kit provides a complete demonstration and development platform for STMicroelectronics’ STM32U585AI microcontroller, featuring an Arm Cortex-M33 core with Arm TrustZone and ...
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Signal chain implementation for condition monitoring systems
24 November 2021, Editor's Choice, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

Like all system designs, there are many choices to be made when it comes to designing a condition monitoring system, each of which comes with various trade-offs and can drastically alter the DAQ signal chain design.
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USB charger solution with high power density
24 November 2021, Power Electronics / Power Management

Diodes Incorporated has launched a three-chip solution for enhancing the performance of ultra-high-power-density USB Type-C power delivery (PD) systems. These products can be used in a wide variety of ...
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Demo of new TouchGFX video widget
24 November 2021, Multimedia, Videos

The latest release (version 4.18) of STMicroelectronics’ TouchGFX software for user-interface development with STM32 microcontrollers (MCUs) added support for video playback, enhanced tools for multi-developer ...
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Configurable dual IO-Link and SIO transceiver
24 November 2021, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

STMicroelectronics is bringing extra flexibility to IO-Link connections with the L6364 transceiver, which features dual communication channels that allow configurable output doubling for extra drive strength, ...
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Common-mode choke for 35 A commercial applications
24 November 2021, Passive Components

Vishay has introduced a new IHCM common-mode choke for high-current commercial applications up to 35 A. Available with a low-profile SMT construction, the IHCM-2321AA-10 is more robust than bulky toroid-based ...
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