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LoRa DAQ node and gateway
13 June 2018, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Data acquisition and monitoring of all types of industrial equipment is vital to improve productivity, lower costs and increase profits. Remote control of industrial equipment can improve efficiency and ...

Desktop 3D printer
21 February 2018, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Creating proof of concept prototypes, working prototypes and demonstration models are some of the most common commercial uses of FDM 3D printing. FDM, or fused deposition modelling, is a low-cost form ...

Fanless technology overcomes the PC’s nemeses
15 November 2017, Computer/Embedded Technology

Heat has always been an issue with electronics. As the components get hotter they begin to behave erratically until they fail completely. The CPU is the most important component of a PC and the component ...

Touchscreen technologies – comparisons and advantages
13 September 2017, Computer/Embedded Technology

If you use a smartphone you are using a touchscreen. Many shopping centres have touchscreen information displays. Touchscreens in industry and on desktops are also becoming more common. What are the technologies ...

Industrial panel PCs
13 July 2016, Computer/Embedded Technology

Early in 2016, IEI released a new range of panel PCs with its IRIS intelligent remote control management platform. IRIS allows IT administrative staff to perform: remote power control such as resetting ...

Energy tariff hikes encourage better power monitoring
24 February 2016, Power Electronics / Power Management

Despite the promises of no or minimal load shedding, the increases in electrical tariffs make it important for industrial users to monitor and control the use of electrical power. Inefficient use of ...

Modern processors with legacy ISA slots
24 February 2016, Computer/Embedded Technology

Many computer users in industry, research and academics are still using legacy boards that require ISA slots. Boards for functions such as data acquisition, relay control and telephonics that were developed ...

10 tips for designing touchscreen applications
14 October 2015, This Week's Editor's Pick, Computer/Embedded Technology

Touchscreens are everywhere: on mobile phones, personal tablets, information displays in shopping malls, fast food and restaurant counters, kiosks and factory and shop floor terminals. They make using ...

Small fanless computers for embedded systems
23 September 2015, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Reliability, cost, processing power and size are the most common factors when choosing a computer for an embedded system. Reliability in any embedded system should be one of the most important factors ...

Ethernet linked automation controllers
2 September 2015, Computer/Embedded Technology

The WISE (Web Inside, Smart Engine) series of intelligent controllers, data loggers and data acquisition and control modules from ICPDAS provide remotely accessible control systems for industrial applications. The ...

DIN-rail computers for automation and control
8 April 2015, Computer/Embedded Technology

Computing power for automation and control generally needs to be compact, able to withstand harsh environments and have as many options as possible for communication. A compact computer that can be easily ...

Dual-display embedded signage system
25 February 2015, Computer/Embedded Technology

VIA Technologies announced the ARTiGO A1300, a fanless quad-core system with rich connectivity and networking features designed for a wide range of dual-display signage, kiosk, menu board, HMI and other ...

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