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Battery emulator and profiler
25 October 2023, Power Electronics / Power Management

Keysight designed the E36731A battery emulator and profiler, and BV9211B advanced battery test and emulation software, to solve problems associated with battery run-down tests.
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E-Mobility: navigate safety, interoperability and conformance
27 September 2023, Power Electronics / Power Management

Although the concept of electric vehicles is not a new one, the market remains in its infancy, and is not well-regulated or fully operational. This presents several challenges for manufacturers throughout the EV and EVSE ecosystem.
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Measuring over-the-air uplink interference
28 February 2023, Editor's Choice

Cell phones are more prone to interference impairments since their transmission power (UL) is much lower than the base station one (DL). This means that any interfering signal in the uplink (UL), even ...
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Five truths about AI-driven software testing
23 November 2022, Computer/Embedded Technology, AI & ML

The hard truth about traditional software test automation is that it requires significant manual effort on the part of the tester.
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Understanding the importance of maximum power point tracking efficiency for solar inverters
26 October 2022, Power Electronics / Power Management

Maximum power point tracking (MPPT) is one of the most important tasks performed by a solar inverter. This uses a maximum power point tracking algorithm to seek out the maximum power point of the photovoltaic (PV) array power characteristic that is powering its input.
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RF measurements in the field
28 September 2022, Test & Measurement

This whitepaper presents a convenient way to perform real-time spectrum analysis, noise figure, over-the-air testing, and cable and antenna testing in the field.
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Power device analyser
26 April 2022, Test & Measurement, Power Electronics / Power Management

Keysight’s new PD1550A is an advanced double-pulse tester that enables customers to test entire power modules quickly and easily.
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Sophisticated threats raise stakes in electronic warfare conflicts
30 March 2022, Editor's Choice

While the technologies will continue to evolve and new threats emerge, one constant remains: the military force that achieves and maintains spectrum dominance will control the EW domain.
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Keysight delivers easily accessible e-learning content
24 November 2021, Test & Measurement

Recently premiered by Keysight Technologies, Keysight University is an interactive online platform for engineers to learn about test and measurement fundamentals, engineering design tips and best practices ...
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eBook: Engineering for advanced radar and EM spectrum operations
24 November 2021, Technical Literature

As nations and their military forces are progressing toward a new era of modernisation, their technological advancements leave no stone unturned for the dominance of the electromagnetic (EM) spectrum. ...
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Mixed-signal oscilloscopes for general-purpose debugging
29 September 2021, Test & Measurement

Powerful, intuitive to use and easy to own, the Infiniium EXR-Series extends the power of Keysight Technologies’ Infiniium MXR oscilloscope family to customers that want to buy through the company’s global ...
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Keysight and Qualcomm demo 10 Gbps 5G connection
25 August 2021, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Keysight Technologies recently demonstrated a 10 gigabit per second (Gbps) data connection using 5G new radio dual connectivity (NR-DC), an industry-first milestone achieved in close collaboration with ...
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