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FPGAs for embedded vision and edge AI
25 November 2020, Programmable Logic

Lattice Semiconductor announced the first FPGA developed on its new Lattice Nexus FPGA platform, the CrossLink-NX. This new FPGA provides the low power, small form factor, reliability, and performance ...
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DC-DC converter for aerospace/defence
25 March 2020, Power Electronics / Power Management

Vicor announced the DCM5614, an isolated, regulated 270 V-28 V DC-DC converter with an output power rating of 1300 W in a 142,2 x 35,6 x 9,4 mm VIA package. Providing power density of 27,52 W/cm3 at a ...
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High-speed DDR4 SDRAMs
29 April 2020, DSP, Micros & Memory

Alliance Memory has expanded its product offering with a new line of high-speed CMOS DDR4 SDRAMs. For improved performance over previous-generation DDR3 devices, the 4 GB AS4C256M16D4 and AS4C512M8D4 ...
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Wireless MCUs with built-in NFC
25 March 2020, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

NXP Semiconductors has released the new JN5189 and JN5188 IEEE 802.15.4 wireless microcontrollers (MCUs) that deliver ultra-low power connected intelligence for Zigbee 3.0 and Thread applications. The ...
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DRAM for memory expansion
26 February 2020, DSP, Micros & Memory

Cypress Semiconductor’s HyperRAM 2.0 is a high-speed, low-pin-count, self-refresh Dynamic RAM (DRAM) for high-performance embedded systems requiring expansion memory. HyperRAM 2.0 offers HyperBus and ...
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Automotive LED drivers and controllers
29 January 2020, Opto-Electronics

ON Semiconductor has launched a new family of four devices that facilitate the high levels of performance and innovative functionality that vehicle manufacturers and consumers now expect from automotive ...
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Isolated, regulated DC-DC modules
29 January 2020, Power Electronics / Power Management

Power density, low weight and ease of use are critical considerations when designing isolated, regulated DC-DC converter systems for a broad range of robotics, UAV, rail, communications and defence/aerospace ...
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Image sensor evaluation kits
25 November 2019, Opto-Electronics

Ams has released the NanoVision and NanoBerry evaluation kits, which provide a ready-made platform for the development of innovative solutions based on the ams NanEyeC miniature image sensor. The NanEyeC ...
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Highly accurate temperature sensors
25 November 2019, Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

New from ams is the AS621x-generation of temperature sensors delivering optimised performance for consumer electronic devices and wearables, health-related monitoring systems and heating, ventilation ...
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Lattice AI stack for edge devices
25 November 2019, Programmable Logic

Lattice Semiconductor received a number of industry awards for sensAI – a complete technology stack combining modular hardware kits, neural network IP cores, software tools, reference designs and custom ...
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5G mMIMO power amplifier modules
25 November 2019, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

NXP Semiconductors announced the broad availability of a comprehensive RF power multi-chip module (MCM) portfolio supporting the development of massive MIMO (mMIMO) active antenna systems for 5G base ...
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High-temperature TVS MLVs
25 September 2019, Circuit & System Protection

The new TransGuard VT Series multilayer varistors (MLV) made by AVX are rated for transient voltage suppression (TVS) applications operating at very high temperatures. They provide reliable, bidirectional ...
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