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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2019

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Clearing the Static: Topic 8: Antistatic cleaning materials
23 October 2019, News

Static charge can build up anywhere at any time, which means ESD-sensitive objects are always at risk. Cleaning materials can be the chink in one’s armour that compromises the entire ESD control system. ...

Clearing the static - Topic 7: Moisture management
25 September 2019, News

Relative humidity (Rh) is a significant factor contributing to effective static control. When humidity in the working environment decreases, the human body and other insulators can easily charge with ...

Test unit controls access to ESD protected areas
25 September 2019, Circuit & System Protection

In the electronics manufacturing industry, an electrostatic discharge (ESD) can cause irreparable damage to electronic components. This micro-lightning bolt can burn holes through insulating layers and ...

Clearing the static: Electrostatic packaging - Topic 6
28 August 2019, News

The purpose of electrostatic discharge (ESD) packaging is to protect ESD-sensitive objects from ESD damage; especially when items are being transported outside of the designated ESD protected area. ESD ...

Clearing the Static: ESD testing and monitoring – Part 3
31 July 2019, News

Continuous monitoring and testing are key to effective static charge control. To ensure there are no loopholes in your ESD control programme, all ESD equipment, as well as personnel operating it, need ...

Clearing the static: ESD testing and monitoring – Part 2
26 June 2019, News

Once you’ve identified an ESD protected area (EPA) and the combination of ESD (electrostatic discharge) control products your facility requires, continuous testing and monitoring need to be conducted. ...

Clearing the static: ESD testing and monitoring - Part 1
29 May 2019, News

Static energy is an unseen threat, and the only way of knowing how to control it is by testing. Depending on your industry and application, there will be specific resistivity requirements that will govern ...

Clearing the static: Combat ESD by staying grounded
30 April 2019, News

In our previous column we discussed how an electrostatic discharge (ESD) can cause irreparable damage to sensitive electronic components and devices. One of the primary causes of static charge generation ...

Clearing the static: The basics of static control
27 March 2019, News

What is ESD or static?    An electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the transfer of electrostatic charge between two objects of unequal electrical potential. The resulting discharge may be so small that the ...

How electronics manufacturers can benefit from ESD flooring and grounding
EMP 2019 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

An electrostatic discharge (ESD) is the sudden micro-lightning bolt of electricity that flows from one charged, conductive surface to another conductive surface. A typical example is when a person walks ...

Ionising guns and blowers
EMP 2019 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Air ionisation eliminates all electrostatic charge sources from an ESD protected area (EPA) and prevents contaminants from being attracted to surfaces. In areas such as cleanrooms, air ionisation can ...

Antistatic tester
EMP 2019 Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook, Circuit & System Protection

The SmartLog Pro is a static testing unit that verifies the functionality of an operator’s wrist strap and footwear, logs the test results, and controls access to an ESD protected area. It can generate ...

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