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Infineon seals Cypress Semiconductor acquisition
25 March 2020, News

Infineon Technologies has closed its acquisition of Cypress Semiconductor Corporation. “The acquisition of Cypress is a landmark step in Infineon’s strategic development,” said Infineon CEO Reinhard Ploss. ...
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Driver for low-power LED strings
16 May 2018, Power Electronics / Power Management

For driving low-power LED strings and strips supplied by a DC voltage source, Infineon Technologies’ BCR430U features extended flexibility in terms of voltage headroom. It is a linear LED controller IC ...
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Combining SiC performance with silicon ruggedness
11 October 2017, Power Electronics / Power Management

SiC (silicon carbide) MOSFET-based power switches offer significant system advantages in terms of power density, efficiency and cooling effort due to their much lower losses compared to silicon IGBTs. ...
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Using 800 V CoolMOS P7 to power flyback designs
14 June 2017, Power Electronics / Power Management

Smaller, smarter and more powerful are market trends for low-power switched-mode power supply (SMPS) applications. Smaller requires the SMPS to have a more compact form factor, and thus higher power ...
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Shining a light on smart city infrastructure
17 May 2017, Opto-Electronics

Infineon Technologies’ Rosina Kreutzer and Stephan Schoenfeldt explain why the company teamed up with Intel and eluminocity to enable secure, globally connected city streets. This article will highlight ...
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Semiconductor switches as replacements for relays and fuses
22 March 2017, Power Electronics / Power Management

Infineon (Siemens Semiconductors at the time) launched the first PROFETs (PROtected mosFETs) on to the market about 25 years ago. This meant there was finally an alternative to relays and fuses in many ...
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LED driver for smart lighting
22 February 2017, Opto-Electronics, Power Electronics / Power Management

The XDPL8220 from Infineon Technologies is an LED driver with a digital core that enables a variety of systems based on the same device. It offers a modern two-stage architecture, significantly easing ...
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RF discretes for an always connected world
9 November 2016, Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Today’s ‘always connected’ world demands reliable, high-performance, energy efficient wireless connectivity. RF communication is essential for the successful operation of mobile and cordless phones, tablets, ...
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9 November 2016, Power Electronics / Power Management

Aiming at high-efficiency designs and applications, Infineon Technologies introduces the OptiMOS 5 150 V portfolio, further expanding the OptiMOS 5 generation of power MOSFETs. The new 150 V product family ...
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Solder bond thyristor/diode modules
5 October 2016, Power Electronics / Power Management

Infineon Technologies extended its product portfolio of thyristor/diode modules in solder bond technology with a 50 mm module. These bipolar modules address the growing market for cost-effective solutions ...
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Rugged, high-performance SiC transistors are the future of power semiconductors
15 June 2016, Power Electronics / Power Management

The use of silicon carbide (SiC)-based power semiconductor solutions has shown a huge increase over recent years, propelled by driving forces like energy saving, size reduction, system integration and ...
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Enhanced module design exploits new IGBT5 performance
24 February 2016, Power Electronics / Power Management

Increased thermal capacity (Tvj,op = 175°C) of 5th generation IGBTs and emitter controlled diodes from Infineon Technologies allows for an increase in output current of power modules used in inverter ...
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