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Optimising AOI performance
28 March 2024, Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Optimising AOI performance is now a reality with the highly integrated ADLINK MVP-6200, combined with Intel Arc GPUs.
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Switched mezzanine card for enhanced Ethernet connectivity
28 March 2024, Computer/Embedded Technology

The TXMC897 sets a new standard in high-speed Ethernet communication, with advanced features and flexibility.
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Edge-AI embedded computing
22 November 2023, News

The EMP-510 series from ADLINK is an 11th Gen Intel Core i5-based fanless computer. The system features an 11th Gen BGA SoC processor which is paired with up to 32 GB of DDR4 RAM. Up to four independent ...
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Powering factory automation into the future
22 November 2023, Computer/Embedded Technology

Powered by the newest 13th Gen Intel processors, ADLINK Technology’s COM-HPC-cRLS module is a future-proof edge AI solution.
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Hi-Rel for IIoT applications
27 September 2023, Computer/Embedded Technology

In the increasingly complex world of industrial applications, having industrial-grade solid-state drives (SSDs) with excellent performance and high endurance can ensure stable operation of equipment.
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Rugged 10-port Gigabit switch
30 August 2023, Computer/Embedded Technology

The fanless µMAXBES combines eight 1 Gigabit (1Gbit) ports with two 10 Gigabit (10 Gbit) fibre ports, and an intuitive web interface for easy configuration.
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Touch screen enables wise data visualisation
30 August 2023, Opto-Electronics

ADLINK offers comprehensive industrial-grade touch monitors and smart panels with in-house value-added customisation.
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Game-changing graphics innovations at the Edge
26 July 2023, AI & ML

With an outstanding price-to-performance ratio in its class, ADLINK’s MXM-AXe offers competitive pricing that rivals the renowned NVIDIA T1000.
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Edge-AI embedded computer
26 July 2023, Computer/Embedded Technology

Online Teaser: With Intel Iris Xe graphics, ADLINK’s edge AI embedded computers and media players support UHD video capabilities for awe-inspiring visual details and up to 40 simultaneous streams of 1080p 30-fps video content.
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SMARC module with Intel Gracemont CPU architecture
28 June 2023, Edge Computing & IIoT

For the first time in this performance segment, new advanced instruction sets and Intel Deep Learning Boost are supported, providing for a wealth of smart applications.
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Multi-channel video-enabled AI
28 February 2023, Computer/Embedded Technology

The JetStream provides dual HDMI outputs and eight composite video inputs, allowing multi-channel video AI applications to be rapidly developed and deployed.
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Fanless AIoT video analytics platform
23 November 2022, Computer/Embedded Technology

AI is accelerating the digital transformation of the railway industry to improve operational efficiency, deliver smarter and safer customer services, and create new business opportunities.
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