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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

Low-power MEMS oscillators
18 April 2018, Avnet South Africa

The DSC6000 family of MEMS oscillators combine Microchip Technology’s low power consumption and ultra-small packages with exceptional frequency stability and jitter performance over temperature. The ...

Microprocessor supervisory IC
18 April 2018, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

The PT7M3808 family of microprocessor supervisory circuits from Diodes Incorporated monitor system voltages from 0,4 V to 5,0 V, and feature threshold accuracy from 0,5% and an adjustable delay time from ...

Time-of-flight sensor
18 April 2018, EBV Electrolink

The VL53L1X time-of-flight sensor from STMicroelectronics extends the detection range of its FlightSense technology to 4 metres, bringing high-accuracy, low-power distance measurement and proximity detection ...

High-performance inertial sensing enables autonomous machines
21 March 2018, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

The Internet of Moving Things (IoMT) has many challenges on the path to great efficiency gains, and high-performance inertial sensors are helping make the difference.

4 – 20 mA sensor transmitter
21 March 2018, CST Electronics

Applications for Maxim Integrated Products’ MAX12900 4 – 20 mA sensor transmitter include industrial automation and process control, loop-powered 4 – 20 mA current transmitters, remote instrumentation ...

Industrial inertial measurement units
21 February 2018, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

Analog Devices announced a series of five high-performance inertial measurement units (IMUs) that address the navigation- and safety-related needs of industrial applications in several emerging markets, ...

Amplifiers for tiny spaces
21 February 2018, EBV Electrolink

Texas Instruments has introduced the industry’s smallest op-amp and low-power comparators at 0,64 mm², housed in the compact X2SON package. With a high gain bandwidth of 10 MHz, fast slew rate of 6,5 ...

Configurable mixed-signal ICs
21 February 2018, Future Electronics

Dialog Semiconductor launched the GreenPAK SLG46824 and SLG46826, the market’s first configurable mixed-signal ICs that support in-system programming using a simple I2C serial interface. This streamlines ...

Zero-drift nanopower op-amp
31 January 2018, EBV Electrolink

Texas Instruments has introduced an operational amplifier (op-amp) combining ultra-high precision with the industry’s lowest supply current. Boasting exceptional power-to-precision performance, the ...

Sensors for health and fitness wearables
31 January 2018, CST Electronics

Preventive healthcare and continuous monitoring solutions for wearable health and fitness applications can be designed with the MAX86140 and MAX86141 optical pulse oximeter/heart rate sensors and the ...

TMR magnetic sensor
15 November 2017, Hi-Q Electronics

Seeking to replace ageing magnetic sensor technology, RedRock’s RR121 is targeted at design engineers seeking the lowest power consumption and highest sensitivity in an ultra-miniature package. The ...

Crypto authentication device and partner programme
15 November 2017, Tempe Technologies

Microchip released the ATECC608A CryptoAuthentication device, a secure element that allows developers to add hardware-based security to their designs, and a Security Design Partner Programme for connecting ...

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