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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

Analogue, Mixed Signal, LSI

Time-to-digital converter
22 March 2017, Future Electronics

ams has launched a new version of its time-to-digital converter (TDC) offering improved speed and precision together with low power consumption. The new TDC-GPX2 also features standard low-voltage differential ...

Proximity and ambient light sensor
22 February 2017, EBV Electrolink

Vishay has introduced a new high-sensitivity proximity and ambient light sensor with long-distance proximity detection up to 1 m. Featuring Filtron technology in a compact 8 x 3 x 1,8 mm surface-mount ...

Smart motion sensors
22 February 2017, Future Electronics

STMicroelectronics has rolled out new smart motion sensors that enable always-on tracking applications to run for longer and record progress more accurately. These sensors, the LIS2DS12 3-axis ‘pico’ ...

Cryptographic controller
31 January 2017, CST Electronics

Developers of Industrial IoT (IIoT) and connected embedded systems can design in an added level of trust with the MAXQ1061 DeepCover cryptographic controller from Maxim Integrated Products. The device ...

Octave-band VCOs
31 January 2017, RFiber Solutions

MACOM Technology Solutions introduced three broadband voltage controlled oscillators (VCOs) that, combined, cover the 6-20 GHz frequency range. They are ideally suited for test and measurement, communication ...

Humidity and temperature sensor
31 January 2017, Future Electronics

ams launched the ENS210, a single-die sensor IC providing extremely accurate, pre-calibrated measurements of relative humidity and ambient temperature. The ENS210 provides a digital temperature output ...

RF MEMS switches
31 January 2017, Avnet South Africa

Analog Devices is claiming a breakthrough in switch technology that provides a long-sought replacement for electromechanical relay designs first adopted by the electronics industry more than 100 years ...

Rugged op-amps
31 January 2017

From Datel comes the AM-606HT series of harsh environment amplifiers that are developed and manufactured using processes that originate with the company’s MIL-PRF-38534 standards and controls, which have ...

Capacitance-to-digital converter
31 January 2017, EBV Electrolink

ON Semiconductor introduced a new touch/proximity sensing solution that combines industry-leading performance, cost-effectiveness and convenience in a single chip. The LC717A30UJ high dynamic range capacitance-to-digital ...

Fan motor drivers
9 November 2016, Future Electronics

ON Semiconductor has three new devices for driving 3-phase BLDC motors via 180° sinusoidal waveforms. Designed for use in cooling fans, the LV8811/3/4 have voltage ranges of 3,6 - 16 V, 6 - 16 V, and ...

Current sense amplifier
9 November 2016, EBV Electrolink

Texas Instruments introduced a new current sense amplifier for in-line motor phase current measurement that improves overall motor efficiency. The INA240 offers enhanced pulse width modulation (PWM) rejection ...

Octal high-side switch and driver
9 November 2016, CST Electronics

Designers of industrial controllers can safely drive and demagnetise any inductive load for Industry 4.0 applications with the MAX14913 octal high-side switch and driver from Maxim Integrated Products. ...

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