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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

Passive Components

Inductors for power supply circuits
22 March 2017, TRX Electronics

Available from TTI is an extensive lineup of inductors covering a wide range of sizes from 1,6 x 0,8 mm to 12 mm square, which are manufactured using multiple techniques including metal alloy wire wound ...

Automotive-grade MLCCs
22 February 2017, Avnet South Africa

TDK has expanded its CGA series of automotive-grade multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) for high-temperature applications. New MLCCs with X8L temperature characteristics have been introduced and ...

Low-profile supercapacitor
22 February 2017, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

Murata introduced the DMH supercapacitor series, with the industry’s lowest profile at 0,4 mm. It is designed for peak power assist, as required in wearable applications and various other devices. The ...

Varistors for high temperatures
22 February 2017, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

The HMOV varistor series from Littelfuse can operate at ambient temperatures up to 125°C with 2500 V isolation voltage, an advance made possible through the use of a new silicone coating technology. Competitive ...

Leaded axial inductor for high voltages
31 January 2017, TRX Electronics

Fastron has added a new high-voltage leaded axial inductor to its product portfolio. Utilising a special winding wire and a new coating, the choke can operate at voltage levels up to 400 V and can withstand ...

High-frequency power inductors
31 January 2017, RF Design

Coilcraft introduced its new XEL60xx family of high-current, low-loss power inductors at electronica 2016. The parts employ a new design which offers extremely low DCR (as low as 1,35 mΩ) and ultra-low ...

Cylindrical supercapacitors
31 January 2017, Avnet South Africa

AVX has released a new series of cylindrical, electrochemical, double-layer supercapacitors. Rated for 2,7 V and delivering high capacitance values (1 F – 3000 F), low ESR (0,16 mΩ – 200 mΩ at 1000 kHz), ...

Heatsinkable power resistor
9 November 2016, TRX Electronics

With its TNP10 series, Ohmite offers a high-power, heatsinkable TO-126 packaged resistor rated for 1 W in free air and 10 W when attached to a proper heatsink. The non-inductive design is ideal for ...

Multi-anode chip capacitors
9 November 2016, Avnet South Africa

AVX has released the new high-reliability TCS Series COTS Plus polymer solid electrolytic multi-anode chip capacitors. Designed for demanding, long-lifetime DC-DC converter applications in telecommunications, ...

SMD power inductors for high voltages
9 November 2016, TRX Electronics

Fastron recently added several models of SMD power inductors for high-voltage applications. The new HV models are designed to resist operating voltages up to 400 V d.c. and have the ability to withstand ...

Flyback transformer for off-line power supplies
9 November 2016, TRX Electronics

Bourns announced the introduction of the new Model SM91047EL flyback transformer, designed for off-line AC-DC power supply applications. The device is an 11,875 : 1, (primary : secondary) turns ratio ...

Broadband DC blocking capacitors
9 November 2016

Knowles brand DLI is establishing a range of broadband blocking components under the ‘Xtreme Broadband Blocking Components’ umbrella. Existing parts like Opti-Cap, Milli-Cap, MLC Broadband Blocks and ...

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