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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

Passive Components

Industrial power capacitors
13 September 2017, Electrocomp

TDK has significantly extended its range of EPCOS single-phase power capacitors for industrial electronics. The capacitors of series B32370* through B32374* are designed for rated AC voltages of between ...

Pulse discharge capacitors
13 September 2017, RF Design

These capacitors offer the reliability afforded by ceramic multilayer fabrication using advanced ceramic and electrode formulations, with thin, dense and precise dielectric layers to satisfy unique and ...

High-temperature RF MLCCs
13 September 2017, Arrow Altech Distribution (AAD)

Vishay introduced the industry’s first surface-mount multilayer ceramic chip capacitors (MLCCs) for high-frequency RF and microwave applications to offer an operating temperature range to +200°C. For ...

Ceramic chip inductors
16 August 2017, RF Design

Coilcraft’s new 0805HP Series ceramic wirewound chip inductors offer what the company claims are the industry’s highest Q factors in an 0805 size at frequencies up to 3 GHz. It is available with 23 inductance ...

Supercaps for high pulse power
19 July 2017, TRX Electronics

AVX supercapacitors or double layer capacitors provide a unique combination of characteristics for a compromise between electronic and dielectric capacitors. Available through TTI, the SCC series cylindrical ...

Wirewound chip inductors
19 July 2017, RF Design

Coilcraft has introduced its new 0201HL series of chip inductors available in seven inductance values ranging from 22 to 51 nH, the highest currently offered in a wirewound 0201 package. This inductance ...

MOS capacitors for DC to 20 GHz operation
14 June 2017, Avnet South Africa

AVX has released new MS Series metal oxide semiconductor (MOS) capacitors for applications in the RF, microwave and gigahertz ranges. Designed for DC to 20 GHz operation in hybrid circuits, bias networks, ...

Automotive-grade power inductors
14 June 2017, RF Design

Coilcraft’s new SRT8045 series of magnetically shielded power inductors offer superior performance and a smaller package than previous-generation products. Measuring just 8,0 x 8,4 x 4,5 mm, they have ...

Passive component design kit for IoT
14 June 2017, Electrocomp

AVX has released a new IoT design kit. Comprised of a broad sampling of passive components ideally suited for use in the three primary IoT device networks – input voltage filtering and decoupling networks, ...

Silicon-based capacitors
14 June 2017, RS Components (SA)

Murata Integrated Passive Solutions has launched a new range of silicon capacitors that implement patented technology, enabling the integration of a wide range of capacitor values in silicon, allowing ...

RS extends Panasonic capacitor range
14 June 2017, RS Components (SA)

RS Components has announced availability of two new series of high-performance electrolytic capacitors manufactured by Panasonic. Offering characteristics suitable for a wide variety of applications, ...

LC filters for EMI suppression
17 May 2017, Avnet South Africa

The MEM1005PP251T is a new LC filter for EMI suppression, made by TDK. With dimensions of just 1,0 x 0,5 x 0,35 mm it is ideally suited for use in smartphones and base stations. The usual method for ...

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