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Passive Components

Leaded axial inductor for high voltages
31 January 2017, TRX Electronics

Fastron has added a new high-voltage leaded axial inductor to its product portfolio. Utilising a special winding wire and a new coating, the choke can operate at voltage levels up to 400 V and can withstand ...

High-frequency power inductors
31 January 2017, RF Design

Coilcraft introduced its new XEL60xx family of high-current, low-loss power inductors at electronica 2016. The parts employ a new design which offers extremely low DCR (as low as 1,35 mΩ) and ultra-low ...

Cylindrical supercapacitors
31 January 2017, Avnet South Africa

AVX has released a new series of cylindrical, electrochemical, double-layer supercapacitors. Rated for 2,7 V and delivering high capacitance values (1 F – 3000 F), low ESR (0,16 mΩ – 200 mΩ at 1000 kHz), ...

Heatsinkable power resistor
9 November 2016, TRX Electronics

With its TNP10 series, Ohmite offers a high-power, heatsinkable TO-126 packaged resistor rated for 1 W in free air and 10 W when attached to a proper heatsink. The non-inductive design is ideal for ...

Multi-anode chip capacitors
9 November 2016, Avnet South Africa

AVX has released the new high-reliability TCS Series COTS Plus polymer solid electrolytic multi-anode chip capacitors. Designed for demanding, long-lifetime DC-DC converter applications in telecommunications, ...

SMD power inductors for high voltages
9 November 2016, TRX Electronics

Fastron recently added several models of SMD power inductors for high-voltage applications. The new HV models are designed to resist operating voltages up to 400 V d.c. and have the ability to withstand ...

Flyback transformer for off-line power supplies
9 November 2016, TRX Electronics

Bourns announced the introduction of the new Model SM91047EL flyback transformer, designed for off-line AC-DC power supply applications. The device is an 11,875 : 1, (primary : secondary) turns ratio ...

Broadband DC blocking capacitors
9 November 2016

Knowles brand DLI is establishing a range of broadband blocking components under the ‘Xtreme Broadband Blocking Components’ umbrella. Existing parts like Opti-Cap, Milli-Cap, MLC Broadband Blocks and ...

Electrolytic capacitors
9 November 2016

Kemet announced six new families of surface-mount and through-hole conductive polymer aluminium solid electrolytic capacitors, with voltage ratings up to 250 V d.c. Leveraging the company’s latest high-conductivity ...

SMT and THT common mode chokes
9 November 2016, TRX Electronics

A broad range of surface mount and through-hole common mode chokes from Pulse Electronics offer very high impedance through a broad frequency range. The amorphous core enables high impedance per volume, ...

Automotive grade MLCCs
9 November 2016, Avnet South Africa

TDK Corporation has expanded its lineup of automotive-grade soft-termination and MEGACAP type MLCCs (multilayer chip capacitors) with new C0G types. Until now, these robust MLCC designs, which offer effective ...

Tiny low-pass filters
9 November 2016, Avnet South Africa

AVX has released a new 750 MHz low-pass integrated thin film (ITF) SMD filter that exhibits low insertion loss and extremely sharp roll-off in high-frequency wireless applications spanning 746 – 756 MHz. These ...

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