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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017


Smartcard connectors for Electronic Purse
23 May 2001

Current forecasts expect above-average growth for 'anonymous' payment technologies. The electronic purse, known in Germany under the GeldKarte or Paycard terms, is issued by banks and saving banks and ...

SIM card connectors
23 May 2001

Amphenol has grown its product range of connectors for mobile phones and base stations. Previously for mobile phones Amphenol's SIMLOCK and SIMBLOCK were in big use, both being products for chip and/or ...

Smartcard connector with card guide
23 May 2001

Amphenol's new smartcard connector with wiping contacts for PCB mounting incorporates an advanced design. Additional features on the top cover guarantee a reliable card level support. Due to this the ...

SMC/IDC quicklock connectors
23 May 2001, Actum Electronics

A female SMC connector generation of easy and quicklocking female connectors with IDC termination for ribbon cable has been developed by Erni. The new design has snap-in locking into the male connectors. ...

PLCC ZIF sockets for flat-pack ceramic packages
23 May 2001, Sivan Electronic Supplies

Aries offers an enhanced version of its PLCC Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) test and burn-in socket, which accepts both flat-pack ceramic and plastic packages. The Series 536 PLCC ZIF Test Socket makes intimate ...

Unisex SMT connectors
23 May 2001, Actum Electronics

The Erni series of Microstac unisex SMT miniature connector range uses identical male and female contacts. This hermaphrodite contact design has benefits and helps solve many interconnection problems ...

11-slot compact PCI backplane has high-performance features suited for tele/datacoms
9 May 2001, Actum Electronics

The 173972 Erni backplanes are used in CompactPCI computer systems. Its high-performance features make it ideally suited for telecom, datacom and industrial applications like CNCs, robotic controls and ...

High-speed board to backplane electrical connector
9 May 2001

Tyco Electronics has released a new high-speed, differential, board to backplane electrical connector for the telecommunications and computer industries. The Z-Pack HM-Zd product is an extension of the ...

Panel-mounted smartcard connector avoids PCB redesign
9 May 2001

By encapsulating its L26 smartcard connector in a slim metal casing and adding a flexible printed circuit cable, FCI developed a panel-mounted smartcard connector that allows OEMs to upgrade equipment ...

'Program-your-own' adapters allow quick low-cost prototyping
9 May 2001, Sivan Electronic Supplies

Aries Electronics offers 'Program-Your-Own' Correct-A-ChipT adapters, that allow users to create small quantities of prototype adapters quickly and inexpensively by cutting and jumpering leads. The adapters ...

Combicon Select - software with CAD 'download and shopping cart' function
9 May 2001, Phoenix Contact

The new Combicon Select software allows one to select articles fast and systematically from the extensive product range for PCB connection technology from Phoenix Contact on-line. A simple product selection ...

DIN 41612 spring contact for modern VMEbus applications
9 May 2001, Actum Electronics

Erni has turned its attention to a technology where no further development seemed possible and has managed to achieve a significant improvement. Its Ercom (DIN 41612/IEC 603-2) connectors now feature ...

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