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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

Open SMT assembly standard enjoying strong uptake
18 April 2018, News

The standard can be adopted by any equipment manufacturer without any licence fee, and already counts nearly 30 vendors among its members.

Local manufacturers look forward to a brighter future
21 March 2018, Omnigo, SMTech, Grand Tellumat Manufacturing, This Week's Editor's Pick, News

Dataweek interviewed three South African electronics contract manufacturers to find out what they’ve been up to lately, and what their outlook is.

Lessons learned from an ECM and the customer that sued them
21 March 2018, MyKay Tronics, This Week's Editor's Pick

The plaintiff created a new technology that consisted of a sensor and a receiver, but lacked the ability to produce it. Enter the contract manufacturer, soon to be the defendant.

Manufacturing islands employed in Siemens IPC production
21 March 2018, Quamba Technologies

Siemens industrial PCs (IPC) have been leading trends for over 30 years. As early as 1983, Siemens started combining standard PC technology with characteristics that fulfilled demanding industrial requirements, ...

Panasonic placement machine wins global award
21 March 2018, Techmet

The machine is the latest stage in the evolution of the NPM series and is geared for manufacturers who value setup and changeover time over speed. “The NPM-W2S was designed to solve manufacturer’s need ...

I had to eat my words
21 March 2018, EDA Technologies

In the middle of 2017, I wrote a piece for Dataweek entitled ‘Celebrating 20 years of disruptive electronics’ wherein I concluded with the words: “Disruptive electronics can only really be made possible ...

Modular component mounter
21 March 2018, Techmet

Panasonic’s modular NPM-D3 component mounter is equipped with all the cutting edge technology demanded of modern electronics manufacturing equipment. The system’s lightweight, 16-nozzle head combines ...

Cogiscan and Universal Instruments partner up
21 March 2018, Zetech

Cogiscan, a specialist track, trace and control (TTC) solutions provider for the electronics manufacturing industry, has signed an OEM reselling agreement with Universal Instruments to expand its portfolio ...

Reflow oven for high-volume production
21 March 2018, MyKay Tronics

BTU International exhibited its new Pyramax Vacuum reflow oven at this year’s IPC APEX Expo. Designed around the requirements of large EMS/high-volume automotive customers, the unit is configured with ...

3D AOI system measures component height
21 March 2018, Techmet

Saki’s BF-3Di is an automatic optical inspection (AOI) machine that not only performs inspection, but also provides measurements of each component for heights from 0 mm to 20 mm, with 1 micron height ...

New capabilities at Omnigo
21 March 2018, Omnigo

Omnigo has grown tremendously of late, and to address this rapid growth the company had to make some astute equipment investment decisions. The specific niche market in the electronics contract manufacturer ...

3D printer for rapid prototyping and manufacturing
21 March 2018, RS Components (SA)

The new CEL RoboxPRO additive manufacturing 3D printer offers high-end specifications and exceptionally fast print speeds. The dual extrusion machine primarily targets professional users, including electronics ...

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