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Electronics Buyers' Guide

Electronics Manufacturing & Production Handbook 2017

Manufacturing / Production Technology, Hardware & Services

In-circuit programmer for off-site production
17 May 2017

For high-volume production it is common to employ a contract manufacturer (CM). This setup introduces a new threat for the intellectual property (IP) of the original owner. To limit the risk of IP theft ...

Chronicles of DesignCon 2017
22 March 2017, Cirtech EDA, This Week's Editor's Pick, News

Cirtech EDA’s Nechain Naicker was appointed to DesignCon USA’s technical programme committee, and reports back on the conference.

Success factors for contract manufacturing in 2017
22 March 2017, Grand Tellumat Manufacturing, This Week's Editor's Pick

Grand Tellumat Manufacturing’s Duncan Pollock outlines the factors for contract manufacturing success in SA in 2017.

Zetech commences local manufacture of laser cut stencils
22 March 2017, Zetech

Zetech has acquired the exclusive franchise from ASM (DEK) for the manufacture of laser cut stencils in southern Africa.

Low-cost robot simplifies complex tasks
22 March 2017, RS Components (SA)

RS Components has launched a new low-cost, fast and accurate robotics solution. Easy to programme, even for those who have never programmed a robotic arm before, the R12 and R17 benchtop robots from ST ...

High-mix SMT placement machine
22 March 2017, Techmet

Panasonic’s AM100 modular placement machine is designed as a cost-effective, incrementally scalable, high-mix SMT solution. Only one machine is required to get production started and it’s easy to add ...

New X-ray tube powers SEC inspection machines
22 March 2017, Quamba Technologies

Korean manufacturer of industrial X-ray inspection systems and scanning electron microscopes, SEC, recently launched its new SF160-series X-ray inspection machines, featuring the new NTI Hybrid X-Ray ...

SMT rework system
22 March 2017, MyKay Tronics

The ST 925 combines three popular PACE products together into one convenient, low-cost SMT rework system. The system is comprised of the ST 325 programmable convective/hot air rework station, the PH ...

SMT pick-and-place platform
22 March 2017, Techmet

Panasonic Factory Solutions improved on its NPM-W pick-and-place platform to produce the NPM-W2, with 10% higher throughput and 25% better accuracy. It also integrates a multi recognition camera that ...

Smart robots to transport goods around facilities
22 March 2017, Omron Electronics

With supply chain management and logistics increasingly under the spotlight in Africa due to remote locations and time-consuming transportation, warehouses are turning increasingly to industrial mobile ...

Dual chamber reflow oven
22 March 2017, MyKay Tronics

BTU’s new Pyramax ZeroTurn dual chamber reflow oven eliminates process changeover time while preserving the process control that the Pyramax family of reflow ovens is known for. Zero turnaround means ...

Fully automatic screen printer
22 March 2017, Techmet

At this year’s IPC APEX Expo, GKG débuted the GL Plus printer, designed for printed circuit boards (PCB) with a maximum size of 510 x 510 mm. The printer comes standard with advanced features such as ...

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