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Forbatt SA invests in South Africa

30 September 2020 Editor's Choice News

Forbatt SA has been supplying products and support to the South African market since 1996. As the country emerges from the COVID-19 lockdown, the company has demonstrated its faith in the future of the South African economy by setting itself up to offer an improved service to the industry by making sure it has the products and solutions the industry needs.

It has also launched a new showroom where customers will be able to experience hands-on demonstrations of its solutions.

Forbatt lead-Acid Batteries have stood the test of time over the past 23 years in South Africa and the company has a range of products suitable for use across multiple sectors and industries. Today it also includes a large range of accessories, from connectors to mounting boxes, power supplies and more.

The year 2020 will see a major change in the way Forbatt SA operates with the launch of its new warehouse operation in Lanseria, Johannesburg. The new premises are larger and more modern, allowing the company to hold and support more products.

Within the new premises, Forbatt SA has also built a new showroom, at a cost of R2,5 million. The showroom will allow staff to demonstrate products and solutions to its clients, even building demonstrations aimed at solving specific project requirements to prove its systems can meet the most stringent demands.

In an era where load shedding is expected to be worse than ever before, the company is also ensuring its energy business is geared to serve all verticals, including security, enabling critical operations to continue when Eskom can’t. The energy solutions customers will be able to acquire include traditional batteries, UPS solutions, solar options and a host of associated electronic components.

Leading Forbatt SA into the new era, Johnson Fang says the company will also be increasing its staff complement to reinforce its commitment to delivering the best customer service in the industry.

Sealed lead-acid batteries are the least expensive battery option per watt-hour on the market. In addition, the manufacturing process of sealed lead-acid batteries is a mature, reliable and well-understood technology. Forbatt’s sealed lead-acid batteries offer a wide range of capacity options for different applications and equipment. More importantly, its sealed lead-acid batteries

have one of the lowest self-discharge rates in the family of rechargeable battery systems. This means they are not only economical, but they also have two critical abilities − durability and dependability.

The expansion to Lanseria has been met with overwhelming support from employees, who support the move and the company’s commitment to the local market.


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