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Quectel launches a high-performance single-band GNSS module

30 May 2022 Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Quectel Wireless Solutions has announced the release of its LC76G module, a single-band compact GNSS module featuring fast and accurate location performance as well as ultra-low power consumption. The LC76G has already entered mass production with sufficient supply to meet the needs of the global positioning market.

Based on the Airoha AG3352 platform, the LC76G can concurrently receive and process signals from all constellations (GPS, GLONASS, BeiDou, Galileo and QZSS), which in combination with the support of SBAS, greatly increases the number of visible satellites and enhances positioning accuracy. The LC76G module can receive signals from up to 47 satellites and achieve 1,5 m positioning accuracy, representing a 40% improvement over previous generations of devices.

Available in a cost-optimised version as well as a low-power version, the LC76G low-power version consumes less than 9mA @3V with all four constellations enabled, allowing for a 72% reduction in power required than previously possible. This makes the LC76G extremely attractive for battery-operated devices such as wearable personal trackers, wildlife and livestock tracking and portable container trackers.

Featuring an internal SAW filter and integrated LNA, the LC76G can be connected directly to a passive patch antenna and provides filtering against unwanted interference, ensuring excellent performance even while driving through dense urban canyons.

Integrated AGNSS technology EPO is supported on the LC76G module and reduces the time to first fix (TTFF) with a hot start taking less than 1 second, a warm start within 2 seconds, while the cold start can obtain accurate tracking fixes within 15 seconds. The faster GNSS fixes make it possible to use accurate positioning and navigation services anytime and anywhere with a smaller power budget than previously possible.

While EPO requires manual download of predicted orbits, the LC76G also supports EASY (Embedded Assist System) where predicted orbit information is collected directly from the satellites and provides for up to three days of accelerated fixes. Both EPO and Easy are available for each constellation, allowing for faster TTFF and reduced dependency on any specific constellation.

Featuring an LCC form factor and an ultra-compact size of 10,1 x 9,7 x 2,4 mm, the footprint of the LC76G is compatible with other industry solutions as well as Quectel’s legacy L76 and L76-LB modules, allowing for a smooth migration of existing designs to the latest low-power GNSS technology.


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