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International IoT roaming delivered seamlessly

22 November 2023 Telecoms, Datacoms, Wireless, IoT

Fleet management companies specifically, but any IoT device owner/manufacturer, look for specific qualities and capabilities in a connectivity partner to ensure efficient and effective management of their vehicle fleets or deployments. The following points are key factors which IoT device owners, and specifically fleet management companies, typically consider:

1. Reliability and coverage

A connectivity partner should offer reliable network coverage across the areas where the fleet operates, and the same can be said for any IoT devices owner. This ensures that vehicles or devices remain connected, even in remote or challenging locations.

2. Connectivity solutions

Fleet management companies require connectivity solutions that enable real-time tracking, monitoring, and communication with their vehicles. This includes features like GPS tracking, vehicle diagnostics, remote diagnostics, and data transmission capabilities.

3. Scalability

A connectivity partner should be able to handle the scale of the fleet management company’s operations. Whether the fleet consists of a few dozen vehicles or thousands, the connectivity solution should be scalable to accommodate the company’s growth and evolving needs.

4. Security and data privacy

Fleet management companies deal with sensitive data, including vehicle and driver information. They expect their connectivity partner to prioritise security measures to protect against unauthorised access and ensure data privacy

5. Integration capabilities

Seamless integration with existing fleet management systems is crucial. A connectivity partner should provide APIs and other integration options to allow smooth data exchange between the connectivity platform and the fleet management software used by the company.

6. Analytics and reporting

The ability to gather and analyse data from vehicles and other deployments is essential. Companies seek connectivity partners that offer comprehensive reporting tools and analytics capabilities, providing valuable insights into vehicle performance, fuel efficiency, driver behaviour, and more. SIM management, RSP management, order management, data usage statistics, remote SIM activation and SMS should all be part of the chosen management platform.

7. Customisation and flexibility

Every fleet management company has unique requirements. A connectivity partner should offer customisable solutions to meet specific needs, and be flexible in adapting to changing business demands. Links Field is aware that every customer has their own unique requirements, and it is for that reason that its offerings are able to be customised to meet all customer’s requirements.

8. Cost-effectiveness

Pricing and cost structure are significant considerations for fleet management companies or any player in the IoT industry. The connectivity partner should offer competitive pricing models that align with the company’s budget and deliver value for the services provided.

9. Support and customer service

Strong technical support and responsive customer service are vital. Fleet management companies prefer connectivity partners who offer reliable support channels, quick issue resolution, and ongoing assistance to ensure smooth operations.

Links Field partners with more than 30 international MNOs/MVNOs, providing coverage in over 200 countries globally. Its global coverage provides clients with the peace of mind that no matter where their assets roam, they are covered, and with seamless network handovers, they can be assured that their data is received in real time.

As a company, Links Field has grown exponentially to having over two million connections at the end of 2022, mostly in the telematics vertical market.

It takes pride in having secure, private APNs, and offering further security features through its SoftSIM. its ability to securely store and encrypt the SIM profile in the module/device memory of an IoT module, further enhances its security by making the device resistant to physical tampering, theft or unauthorised access.

The company offers its Connectivity Management Platform and APIs to clients, thereby providing seamless integration into their existing platforms, and allowing data exchange between the connectivity platform and the client’s fleet management software.

Being cost competitive, Links Field is the connectivity partner of choice for some of the largest global fleet management companies. With 15 offices globally covering every major region, Links Field offers 24/7 customer service and tech support over chat, phone or email.

For more information contact Links Field Networks, +27 11 791 1033,,

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